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  1. brhythm

    Pearl 6.5" Maple Free Floating Snare, $350 shipped to the 48

    More pics available if you want. Currently I've replaced the Powerstroke with a coated Ambassador, but you can have either--or some other head of your choice if I have it. The wires are the stock extended Pearl wires. For $350 I'll ship it to you in the contiguous 48 states. Don't forget to...
  2. brhythm

    Pearl Omar Hakim Power Piccolo: $250 shipped to 48

    Pearl Omar Hakim African mahogany power piccolo, 5X13". This particular version has some cracking in the lacquer. It's not unusual. Search the forum here, and you'll see others mention it. Anyway, the photos are taken to HIGHLIGHT the issue. In person they're not as visible. And of course it...
  3. brhythm

    Ludwig Acro Copper, $525 shipped to the 48

    Years ago I had a Tama G series copper snare. It had a distinct sound. Life happened and I had to sell it. Time passed, and now I'm chasing that sound. I purchased this Ludwig Acro Copper, and it's not THAT sound. I paid $600 for it. I played it at one rehearsal and one gig. Still have the...
  4. brhythm

    Meinl Mike Johnston Groove Bell help needed

    Help with a cowbell? What?! My Meinl Mike Johnston Groove Bell is a great sounding bell. But I can't keep the thing from loosening! I've tried two different LP straight bass drum hoop mounts, and get the same results. I love the Meinl cowbell mounting clamp, but wonder if the comfort curved...
  5. brhythm

    SOLD: Zildjian 20" K Custom Dry Ride - $175 + shipping

    20" Zildjian K Custom Dry ride cymbal. Funky ugly "patina" all the rage right now with dry cymbals. Dry, dark, loud! Lots of stick, not a ton of wash. It would actually work well in a rock band. I've used it in my current rock band, but I prefer a ride I can crash with too. (I play smaller...
  6. brhythm

    18" Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Crash - $200

    I have a 70s era Zildjian 18" thin/fast crash. Yup, thin and fast, both on the inked logo. I love that cymbal. I loved it too hard one gig and I cracked it. And I've been looking for the right 18" crash ever since. Anyway, I bought this 18" Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Crash on the interwebs...
  7. brhythm

    Zildjian 20" K Custom Ride Cymbal - $200

    Original style Steve Gadd inspired Zildjian K Custom ride cymbal. 2780 grams. This is my current live rock cymbal. I'm looking for something with more crash potential. This crashes but you've got to hit it mighty hard. This is like a ping ride, but more complex. It's a good pie; I won't mind if...
  8. brhythm

    Bright, Crash-able Zildjian Sought

    My current main band is a typical bar rock cover band: Stones, Springsteen, some 80s pop, Elvis. The perfect crash-able ride eludes me. I need something a little bright, a little high in pitch, with decent stick articulation, but something that will also crash when I need it to. Here's what I've...
  9. brhythm

    Wanted: Deal on Kit with 24" bass drum

    It's been YEARS since I've owned a kit with a 24". A recent kit sale has left me with a little in the "drum fund." If I wanted I COULD order a new Ludwig Neusonic in blue, or a PDP Concept Maple in oxblood (those two are my current affordable favs), but I'm posting here in case someone has...
  10. brhythm

    Real vintage looking black diamond pearl

    Anyone know where to get wrap like this? I made a Radio King clone and wanted good looking Slingy style wrap. All I could get at the time though was small chip, and it's not a fave. I'd like to rewrap in something like this. This stuff is beautiful! Who stocks it? Joe Montineri Custom Drums...
  11. brhythm

    WTB: Vintage Snare w/Stick Choppers

    Recently I had to sell my 1923-1925 Leedy Black Elite. I'm now without a drum from the 20s/30s. I'm looking for an affordable COB snare with stick choppers. Would consider wood too, but prefer brass. Would take natural brass or enamel too. If it's more than $500 I can't consider it. Would prefer...
  12. brhythm

    Gig Bag: Watcha Using?

    Tried a search, but "gig" and "bag" are too short. Currently I'm using a cloth gym bag. It doesn't have feet, and slides around in the car. It doesn't have compartments inside, so everything gets thrown together. It's soft, so it doesn't stand up well at the end of the night when you want to...
  13. brhythm

    Can You Help Me Find This Lug?

    My Oregon Drum solid hewn myrtlewood drum needs a new lug. I can't seem to find this lug anywhere. It's a piccolo snare, so they can't be too tall. Anyone recognize the manufacturer? Any chance someone's got one in a parts bin? (Long shot, I know.) http://billyrhythm.com/drums/lug/013.JPG...
  14. brhythm

    Gretsch Gladstone on ebay

    Did a search but didn't find a thread. Anyone wanna weigh in on the Gretsch Gladstone on ebay? Seems like a good deal to me; if I had the scratch I'd jump. Why has no one else?
  15. brhythm

    Need Help for Heads for Early Leedy Multi-Model

    Bought an old trap set years ago, and I'm just getting around to restoring the snare today. I bought an Aquarian Modern Vintage head for the top, and a Remo Diplomat snare side head. Here's the thing... A modern head fits the shell. I tried the Aquarian, a Fyberskin, an Ambassador, and an...
  16. brhythm

    Where do I donate?

    Just sold something through the site, and would like to give back a little something from the sale. Wasn't there a paypal button, membership, donate, something like that? Where's the link? Am I just not seeing it?
  17. brhythm

    Slingerland and Ludwig mufflers: interchangeable?

    Just a quick question. I sent my Avantes to ebay, and they sold. Great! Then, while taking off the reso head of the floor tom, I set the drum down on my throne. The drum slipped, slid down on the throne, and snapped the tone contol (the springy arm with the felt pad). Frustrated, and not...
  18. brhythm

    Gold Sparkle Luds? Vitamin C Baby!

    Let's go back in time, to June, 2012... http://www.drumforum.org/index.php?/topic/68473-buying-a-new-kit-need-help-deciding/?hl=%20gold%20%20sparkle I bought a gold sparkle Ludwig kit as a "play any style any time with one kit." My original plan was to buy an 18" and a 24" bass, and switch...
  19. brhythm

    Gretsch Olive Satin Flame value?

    I know, I know, pics or it ain't real. I'll post them when I get them. I know Olive Satin Flame is an odd color, so normally would demand a premimum price. But the sizes of this kit are a little oddball. What are your thoughts? 20" kick, 13" and 14" mounted toms, 16" floor tom. No snare. Ugly...
  20. brhythm

    Gig Bag Needed, Watcha Usin'?

    I need a regular gig bag for carrying the little stuff. I need to carry my pedal, cowbell, a few mics and cables, a percussion item or two (train whistle, samba whistle), a mic clip, stuff like that. I usually use a gym bag from the Salvation Army or Goodwill, but they don't hold up well...