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  1. toddlittle827

    Early Avedis Zildjian price list

    18" as the largest cymbal available, is this from sometime in 1930s?
  2. toddlittle827

    A.F.R. Perfectus

    this is a new one to me. Nazi Germany era? These pics were snapped by Luca Luciano at his latest visit to the UFIP factory. Campana OKH - OKH (Oberkommando des Heeres) could refer to the Army High Command of the Wehrmacht. AFR Perfectus was a brand of German guitar.
  3. toddlittle827

    Zenjian start date established

    Earliest Ludwig & Ludwig catalog showing the Zenjian cymbals is 1927. Later 1947 trademark filing says first use 1925 but this ad in the June 2, 1923 issue of the The Music Trades magazine establishes the true start date of the Zenjian line as 1923.
  4. toddlittle827

    Leedy Catalogs M and R

    If anyone is interested, I recently downloaded Leedy Catalog M (1922/3) and R (1928/9) from Indiana State University. High quality jpegs of both catalogs. These are not on Drum Archive Catalog M is 88 jpegs (one per page) Catalog R was scanned two pages at once by ISU - I think that one is a...
  5. toddlittle827

    Zilco trademark

    In July 1932 a trademark was granted to the Avedis Zildjian Company for the name Zilco for cymbals. A. ZIldjian claimed use of the name since December 29, 1930.
  6. toddlittle827

    Ajaha cymbals origin date

    Interesting snip from effective December 1, 1946 Gretsch price sheet. The post-war return of Ajaha cymbals. The text says the Ajahas have been around for over 37 years. That puts the start date of the Ajaha line as 1909. 1912 is out there as the origin date but that is likely the first...
  7. toddlittle827

    Is Casting Cymbals A Lost Art? 1919 article from The Metal Industry

    Having a devil of time getting high quality cymbals after the ravages of World War I, Ludwig & Ludwig puts out the bat signal for help for a homemade alternative in this fascinating article printed in The Metal Industry magazine in March of 1919. America was only capable of making spun brass...
  8. toddlittle827

    Cymbals in Leedy Catalog M (1922 or 1923)

    In 1922 or 1923 Leedy offered the following cymbals Kiraljian (later Leedy materials from 1929 state these to be of Italian make) Leedy Brass and Nickel Silver cymbals. K. Kazanjian cymbals. These were made by an Armenian expat living in Buffalo, NY and were also sold by the Wurlizter...
  9. toddlittle827

    Leedy catalogs on Drum Archive

    While doing some cymbal research I noticed that the way Drum Archive has the various Leedy Drums catalogs named puts them out of order in places and gets certain dates wrong. I thought I'd make a handy list to properly date them (I have listed the catalogs chronologically here despite the...
  10. toddlittle827

    1928 Gretsch ad for K. Zildjian

    From the October 28th issue of Metronome magazine This must be around the time when Gretsch took exclusive control of the Ks in the United States as they also show up in the 1928 Slingerland catalog (which was probably printed earlier in the year or perhaps in late 1927). Ad speaks of "new"...
  11. toddlittle827

    Avedis Zildjian article (Newsweek 10/30/1939)

    usual early Zildjian story and some more great factory pictures (which are thought to originate from an earlier 1929 article in the Boston Post)
  12. toddlittle827

    UFIP stencil: Hollywood Structura 14K.

    Snipped a good look at the metal stamp logo. One of the stencil brands on the wall at UFIP This is an 18" Medium Thin
  13. toddlittle827

    1952 Avedis Zildjian article with pictures (New York Daily News)

    some cool factory pics
  14. toddlittle827

    1929 Bandmaster article on the K. Zildjian factory

    thought you Z folks would like this one that I dug up from the bowels of the internet. With my Paiste research just about complete except for pining down some exact dates here and there. I am delving into the history of some of the other companies when time permits.
  15. toddlittle827

    early Paiste preserial Formula 602 logos and timeline

    Alright folks, yours truly has pulled more arcane Paiste knowledge from the bowels of the internet. Prior to a couple weeks ago, it was thought that the "Formula 602" line was released in 1959 and that there were predecessor B20 cymbals (Super Formula 602 and "Super" in curvise script, not to be...
  16. toddlittle827

    Premier Super Zyn Cymbals (1951-1967)

    Posted this earlier in a discussion thread but I thought this information would be appreciated as a stand alone post. Super Zyn lineup of cymbals (1951-1967) B20 The Super Zyn lineup (for the standard cymbals for drum set use) stayed constant throughout (12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24)...
  17. toddlittle827

    Tosco Cymbals (catalogs/price lists from the 1970s)

    Trying to learn more about the offerings from this company, particularly before Sabian got involved (but that's fine too, I never turn down knowledge) Anyone have any catalogs and old price lists they can share? I have the one that's on Drum Archive - it's a cool piece but scant on real...
  18. toddlittle827

    Rare Paiste Super Formula 602 price sheets (1957-9)

    Finally! I was starting to think I would never uncover any printed materials of Paiste's first B20 line, the Super Formula 602. This was the precursor series (1957-1959) that was refined and morphed into the world famous Formula 602 line. Super Formula 602s came in sizes ranging from 12" to...
  19. toddlittle827

    Looking for Paiste catalog materials from the 1960s

    Hello all, throwing out this request again after a couple more years of fruitless searching. I am looking for detailed Paiste price lists / catalogs / promotional materials from the 1960s especially from the early to middle part of the decade before the company's North American distribution...
  20. toddlittle827

    Looking for 1960s Paiste cymbal catalogs

    Anyone out there have any? And would be willing to scan. Only have one from 1966/67 (post-Stambul '65 - pre-Giant Beat). Have lots from the 50s and 70s. Need more from the 1960s! Can you help a brother??? * To be clear - I'm looking for catalogs that have pricing and available sizes and...