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    Berlioz, Rimsky-Korsakov: Great drum parts!

    I made it to All-City Orchestra way back in high school. Fish out of water because I was a drumset rock guy. Very little classical exposure, but I did well enough in my high school band and orchestra to earn an audition. Completely different from playing the set, but I loved it and learned so...
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    Interesting view of jazz and black culture

    I read an interesting article in latest Harper's magazine (December 2022), "WHEN BEALE STREET WAS HOT". It's an excerpt from an interview with critic and historian Greg Tate, taken from book titled, "Ain't But a Few of Us", a collection of conversations with black jazz critics (edited by...
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    Customer Reviews at Musicians Friend

    I read customer reviews when they're available. Sometimes there's valuable information above and beyond the specs and sales hype. In many cases, however, there's just more hype or opinions so at odds with each other I can't take any of them seriously. You know; one drummer says it's a greatest...
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    Drums gone in 2021?

    Barton, Crush and WFLIII seem to have faded away in 2021. Don't see new models from these companies but some demos are around. Barton offered shell packs and snares at a reasonable price. I thought Crush made some really interesting sets, and watched the videos of Bill Ludwig promoting his snare...
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    Starts posting before I even finish ticket; was trying to write about one of my threads posted incorrectly!

    Here I go again. Was looking for review of German snare wires online. Noticed title of one of my drum forum threads RE: Ddrum Vintone Mahogany snare drum. But the content under title described Sonor bop kit and snare. I then clicked on it and was connected to drum forum and the entire Ddrum...
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    Saw one of my thread titles online with mixed up content

    Was looking online for review of German snare wires and noticed one of my threads about buying a Ddrum Vintone Mahogany snare drum, but it wasn't my content. It had a descri
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    Found title of my thread online, N

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    Always make snare side head tighter than batter head?

    I can't count the number of videos that emphasize the key to a good sounding snare drum is to tighten that bottom head. Videos made by pro drummers who sound great and demonstrate very useful tips on improving my drumming. So I accept their snare tuning advice as gospel and always make sure...
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    I bought a ddrum vintone mahogany snare drum...and it's excellent!

    I've read so many negative customer reviews and drum forum comments RE: Ddrum. There seems to be a consensus the initial Ddrum acoustic kits had a host of quality issues. I wasn't aware of Ddrum until they introduced their Reflex alder line. I liked the sounds I heard in videos and the price...
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    Mostly great experiences with Wuhan cymbals

    Except for their China crashes, Wuhans are frequently dumped on. I understand ; I own a pair of Wuhan 13" hi hats that sound like garbage. In general, Wuhans' are inexpensive and inconsistent sound-wise. My best cymbals include Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste and a personal favorite, an Istanbul Mel...