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  1. fibes3

    Non-original drummers who contributed a lot to a band

    Alan White of Yes replacing Bill Bruford.
  2. fibes3

    Is there a shell construction that is forgiving to temp change?

    Fibes fiberglass has held up for me in Northern California with triple digit summers.
  3. fibes3

    Show off your piccolo snares!

    Ludwig Carl Palmer Venus piccolo and Ludwig Maple piccolo refurbished (not an OEM finish).
  4. fibes3

    DrumHead magazine subscribing: Beware! *** update posted below ***

    Unfortunately I gave up trying to get the magazine halfway through my subscription. There used to be a customer service rep named Josie who was excellent but she's gone. I was able to download all the older issues before my subscription started. I hope they can make it. I enjoyed the magazine...
  5. fibes3

    zzzzzz... seriously sleeper snares... zzzzzz

    Anyone remember when these were being auctioned on Ebay a few years back? Not a bad sounding drum. They benefitted from different heads. Any ever play a full set of Ming/Mair?
  6. fibes3

    Long Beach California Drum Shops

    Definitely go to Pro Drum. If you're not familiar with Los Angeles traffic, give yourself plenty of time. Traffic can be a nightmare! Also if you're a fan of artery clogging chili burgers, go to Tommy's Original Burgers in Hollywood at Beverly and Rampart streets. There's also a Tommy's in Long...
  7. fibes3

    Drummers who are band kings

    Bill Bruford Simon Phillips Gene Krupa Jo Jo Mayer Carl Palmer
  8. fibes3

    OT: Summer Reading

    Just finished Mel Torme"s biography of Buddy Rich: "Traps. The Drum Wonder". I understand that Buddy Rich wanted Torme to write his biography. It was well done and told by an old friend, warts and all!
  9. fibes3

    Odd floor tom sizes - 15 and 17

    Back in the early 80's I had Eames Drum Company make a 15 x 15 floor tom. It had very good tone and depth. If someone starts of post of drums you parting with, that Eames tom is it!
  10. fibes3

    Family Portrait - Picture Is Now Up

    Great photo! Is that a Gretsch Birdland cadillac green reissue in the front?
  11. fibes3

    O.T. And the scams are a-coming…

    I miss the mid 70's Honda that got easily 40-50 mpg....in California .
  12. fibes3

    Favorite aftermarket strainer mech for snare

    INDIE or RCK
  13. fibes3

    What's the latest status of the Paiste Cymbal Cleaner and Protector?

    Kinda of sounds like the product will be available when Fibes starts up again.
  14. fibes3

    Rattle can for Cadillac Green?

    Here's a photo of a refurbished Ludwig piccolo 3 x 13. I painted it with Rustoleum Hunter Green gloss. Sorry I don't have any more photos and I have since sold the snare.
  15. fibes3

    Let's See Those Brass Snare Drums! (now updated with totals by brand... so far!)

    Ludwig Carl Palmer "Venus". 4 x 14 Green lacquered brass.
  16. fibes3

    Sweetwater Ads in posts

    Starting a day or 2 ago, I've been seeing ads from Sweetwater in all posts. Anyone else been getting these?
  17. fibes3

    RIP Alan White

    Just read about his passing on Faceplant. One of my all time favorite drummers. First saw him on the Tormato tour and several others. Seemed like a class act and one very underated musician. May he and Chris Squire have good times! RIP Alan!
  18. fibes3

    Drums that were discontinued you miss

    The reference to Tempus reminded me of the 14 x 10" tom you sold me a few years back . Still sounds good. Thanks again! Had a set of North drums back in the 70's. And I'm really not sure if I miss them! Do you read Milestone was bought by Ron Dunnett and he's going to start with the snare...
  19. fibes3

    Drums that were discontinued you miss

    Fibes fiberglass era. Slingerland with Copper finish. 18" Remo rototom. (All the other sizes are still made.) I'll live!