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    Drum Identification??

    I need help identifying this drum. It’s got Leedy calf skin heads but I don’t know about the lugs. It’s painted blue inside and the wing nuts for the leg holders say “Rogers”. No badges or stamps inside. Any ideas? Any idea of how old it is etc??
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    Rogers Big R

    Any thoughts on this kit? They have USA badges and grey interiors. Looking at it in person it seems spotless. I just don’t know much about Rogers or the Big R series. Is this price decent...
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    Remo drums

    Anyone able to give some insight on these Remo’s. Wasn’t Quadra a covering and not a model? What model drums are they? Acousticon, Gold Crown? Any history and insight would be great. Thanks...
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    Slingerland bass drum leg suggestion

    I recently purchased a 1970’s Slingerland Kit with a 24” bass drum. It only has the two front bass drum legs and they are hard to work with, i.e. they don’t tighten down so easily and stay in place. The back legs have been removed as well as the brackets. Any suggestions for good replacement...
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    Slingerland Suggestion

    Hey, I’m new here so I hope you can give me some advice. I’m looking at purchasing a vintage slingerland kit from a local music go round. They have two that are in my budget of $500. One is a 70’s three ply niles that looks sharp and the other is a mutt kit with a bass drum that has a...