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    Nick D'Virgilio breaks down Big Big Train groove

    I've posted a link to the band Big Big Train, with Nick D'Virgilio on drums, performing the song Judas Unrepentant several times because I think it's an incredible piece of music. Nick has posted a breakdown of a drum part from the song as part of his Groovy Thursday series : The live...
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    Jo Jones' shuffle

    Came across this and thought it was a great lesson :
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    Rick Wakeman's tribute to Alan White

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    50's Slingerland find

    So, I picked up a small stash of mostly Slingerland drum bits yesterday. It all appears to be from the early 50's, and all shells have WMP wrap in nice shape. The seller was given these 30 years ago, and got as far as dissembling everything before shelving the project. There's a 6.75x14 snare...
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    Lenny White at Emmet's Place

    The great Lenny White was a guest at this weeks Live From Emmet's Place live stream, along with bassist Buster Williams and trumpeter Wallance Roney Jr. Provides a good look at Lenny's open handed technique in a straight ahead jazz context. He's the first guest I've seen who didn't use the...
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    Minute of Drums videos

    I think I posted about these videos before, though in the General section instead of here where they may be more relevant ... In any case, I've been really digging these jazz drumming videos from Jeremy Noller. They started as a series of literally one minute videos on a particular phrase...
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    Youtube drum jazz channel

    Just stumbled on this and really like the content. Doesn't seem to have a lot of views, so figured I share it. Lots of one minute clips of cool licks, and some longer more in depth ones. Mostly jazz, with some African beats applied to drums thrown in. https://youtube.com/c/JeremyNollerMusic
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    Paul Motian doc on Youtube

    Motion in Motion now available on YouTube. I'm only part way through, it's great so far. Claims to be legally licensed:
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    Tony Williams with Stan Getz

    Full show of Stan Getz/Chick Corea/Stanley Clarke and Tony Williams. This is new to me, and posted pretty recently to Youtube, though a quick search shows clips have been posted before. There are some great shots of Tony's playing. I haven't seen or heard him playing Brazilian influenced...
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    Big Big Train singer dies.

    I guess this is a bit off topic, but David Longdon, lead singer of prog rock Big Big Train has died of injuries sustained in an unspecified accident : https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/nov/22/david-longdon-frontman-of-prog-rock-band-big-big-train-dies-aged-56 The drumming connection is...
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    Roy Haynes 1992

    Popped up in my Youtube feed, its new to me. It's not a Jazzette kit he's playing ...
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    Rob Brown and Flams

    I enjoy Rob Brown's videos quite a bit - he's got a practical no nonsense approach to many things. Something he says on this one he did for Drumeo gives me pause though. His main assertion is that you only really need to learn three rudiments : (spoiler alert ...) the single stroke roll, the...
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    Mike Clark plays piano trio version of Actual Proof

    From last night : The rest of the show is well worth watching too !
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    Joe Farnsworth's fancy cymbal case

    At the start of this live stream from Small's, we get to see Joe Farnsworth unpacking his cymbals. Anyone know the brand of case he's using ?
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    Emmet's Place

    For me, one of the musical highlights coming out of the pandemic has been the weekly shows from pianist Emmet Cohen's apartment in Harlem. He has a great regular trio of young jazz musicians, with usually a guest or two each week. One recent guest was this young vocalist, Samara Joy, who sounds...
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    Edu Ribeiro

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    Cooking with Gadd

    Haven't seen this mentioned here : starts out as a cooking show where the dinner guests are Steve Gadd and his wife, has lots of clips of Steve and his host playing together, and drops a mention that Gadd has been working on a drum book during the pandemic. Kinda bizarre and cool at the same...
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    Jazz drum kit evolution

    From my limited knowledge of drum set history, the current standard "bop" drum kit, with 18" bass and 12" and 14" toms, really evolved mostly after the bop era, with the rise of the great hard bop and post bop drummers in the late 50's and early 60's. Drummers like Philly Joe Jones, Art Blakey...
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    How many things can be wrong on one ad ?

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    Great Peter Erskine playing