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    Why do I hate almost every China I play?

    I cant stand them either. A great alternative IMO...
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Took a chance on this 22" Prototype Flat from a GC in Idaho and scored big. Marked "AAX" underneath. Beautful tah stick, weighs 2230g yet wobbles like crazy. It has the lowest tension I've ever experienced in a ride. The tape residue had to come off, and with it so went the ink :(
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    What have you got on order now ?

    Follow up from Post 17 Cymbal arrived today. Was expecting a rigid, 3900g AA type but it is far from it. It is a 2250g with AAX style hammering, wobbles like it is 1600g...no cracks or major dings...great stick and sound...this is shaping up to be my best buy of the year! Just have to figure...
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    What's Your Latest Drum Purchase?

    This 3.5x14 steelie is cheap and sounds fantastic!
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    What have you got on order now ?

    A used prototype 22" Sabian Flat Ride from GC. The risky parts of it (there are many): Has two strips of tape and some other tape ghosting across the top. "Warning signs" IMO. Can't tell if its an AA or HH (the usual terrible GC pics prevent a good ID) No idea how much it weighs No idea how...
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    Under Pressure Isolated Drums & Bass - Cymbals?

    Love these isolated tracks! Lot of incredible cymbal sounds on this amazing track... and I dont think they are all the same brand. Guesses... Hi-hats: 15" New Beats Main Crashes: gotta be Paiste 2002's! (an 18 and a 20?) Ride: 22" A. Zildjian (at 2:15 ) Crash Ride beginning at 3:20: sounds...
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    'Tis a nice Bosphorus day 2100g Glassy Ride 21. Got two now (a 2250). Love the "tah" stick of this model. I think it is because of the umbrella profile. 1906g ->1900g Masters 21. An older version. Very smooth. I'm not a tape residue and super heavy patina guy because of the deadness that...
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    Steer me towards a ride I will like

    Poor guy is going to end up more confused with all these suggestions Go with the good ol "standard 20" A, old or new (redesigned ~2013) The model responsible for thousands of great sounding songs
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    What is the most versatile Zildjian Ride out there??

    best way I can describe it is "typical A medium 22" with the gongy-ness and harshness reduced by 30%.
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    What is the most versatile Zildjian Ride out there??

    This uncommon early 80's 2980g "Light Ride" is the most versatile 22 A Ive played. Ping, definition, spread, clear bell, crashability and some wobble all rolled into one
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    McCartney "Maybe Im Amazed" (Live) - from 1977 or?

    If you've got satellite radio you know this one as it is on all the time. The tight snare, the toms and the playing sound more modern than "1977". Like early 90's (Chris Whitten ?) Paul's vocals too Am I on the mark or do my ears deceive me?
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    Let me get this straight...

    If one applies themselves they could find an equal or better sounding ride for 1/4 the price of that
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    Steve Smith's ride on "Dont Stop Believin'"?

    I might be a little upset if I bought this thinking it was the actual ride used on the tune... https://reverb.com/item/803199-steve-smith-s-journey-a-zildjian-24-ride-cymbal-signed-authenticated According to Steve here it isn't, because he still has it! :)
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    Guitar Center layoffs

    You can’t sustain the current house prices with the current rates. The fuel for the frenzy the past 2 years was historically low interest rates coupled with low inventory. Now one of those key components is missing. Are you referring to interest rates being that key component missing? IMO 5 -...
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    What's with the mass exodus from Zildjian all of a sudden?

    My gut feel of market share 1980 to Present. If I am in the universe of what is actual this might explain some of Z's moves.
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    Guitar Center layoffs

    When looking at franchise models some time ago I read that, on average, 1/3 are going to do well and be profitable, 1/3 are going to break even at best, and 1/3 will always be unprofitable due to their locations and the overhead of the spaces. I know GC's are not franchised but assuming the...
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    more Turkish goodness in the form of a 2002g Flat!
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    a papery thin 1666g 22" Turkish Swish Sizzle. FWIW, it is smoother and quieter than a 22" Bos Hammer China.
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    Robert Plant and Alison Krauss Hasten the Death of "Rock and Roll"

    Has anyone seen recent Bon Jovi, Crue/VNeil or Whitesnake shows in person or on youtube? They can no longer belt out the songs as they were recorded when their voices were young, but still try. New versions are in order to keep the party going.
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    NEW Paiste Flat Rides are out!

    They do sound nice! Great additions for the Paiste fanatics looking for new sounds a 22" is probably $605 (or more now) a just as nice/maybe nicer Bos flat is $400-440 the difference is not chump change