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    Hey Guys my board is starting to go I know this is not drumming but I am the Drummer and the leader . Berhinger is dying want to up grade .Like to stay around $ 1000. any help ? I mic the drums with seperate mixer .
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    Drum Mic holder

    need help mic holder for a shure 56 a . tom mount or stand
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    Ludwig Maple Legacy

    Any body know what a Ludwig Maple Legacy 3 Ply 5 piece 2 toms 2 floor base drum 2019 never played , Would be worth
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    Let the drummer drum

    I recently post about guitar player telling the drummer what to do it ended up breaking band among other reasons . If drummers did not Play there own soul on the kit music would sound pretty much like a drum machine ? We dont get drumming icons and New music styles . I watched a Petty interveiw...
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    20 inch maple base drum hoops

    Any body have a idea what a pair of round maple wood hoops are worth ? I have a 60s Sonor kit with metal hoops want to try the wood . He wants $140.00 I have to drive 2 hours to pick up or $20.00 for shipping
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    Joe Piscapoe

    I think I spelled his last name wrong he was a camedian on saturday night live just saw a commercial for relief factor he claims to be a drummer any body heard of his drumming ?
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    Guitar Player Tells Drummer

    Hey Guys ; Sad just broke up band had been putting together for many months . 2 of my guitar players stated taking over my band / songs / direction / telling what they wanted the drums to sound changing my fills telling me this is how I hear it telling my base player same thing having me oust...
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    PDP Drums ?

    PDP sells a rock kit with a 24 base 16 floor 13 tom . So I contacted PDP and they told they dont offer the 13 but yet they sell it . what kind of CRAP is that ? I just purchased the kit with a 22/10/12/16 so I wanted to add a13 what is the big deal . How can you sell a kit new on line with the...
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    Ludwig Herculese cymbal stand parts

    Looking for top pole and swivel for Ludwig Hercules Stand
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    Need Info on Pdp Toms just picked up a kit with 10 inch and 12inch toms , looking for a 13 inch with no luck My kit is the newer Concept twisted Ivory . Do I caontact DW ?
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    Not A Flipper

    Thanks to you all input on my questions on drums , I finally purchased a set PDP 5 piece never played 1 year old Tags on ,Ivery twist set of new heads Paiste cymbals stands Hi Hat cow bell extra clamps for adding cymbals / New Heads still in boxes / silencer pads / some drum heads that look like...
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    Mapex Mars Pro

    What can somebody tell me about the Mapex Mars Pro ? I can pick one up 8/10/12/13/16/20 looks nice Guy wants $485.00 with soft cases
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    Monitor Speaker

    Looking for Monitor set up Tried head phones dont like , using monitor 12 inch currently not a fan . any ideas something small ?
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    need info pearl / premier

    Looking at Premier 75 anniversary 9 piece A-1 shape Birch shells How good sounding are they ? and would they be worth $ 1200 . also looking at Pearl Expert series 7 piece Ai shape $ 800 . How do they sound ?
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    Sonor Ascent Snare Drum

    Looking At Sonor Ascent snare need impute I heard they brake easy ?
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    Slingerland early 70s

    Looking for reviews on early 70s Slingerland drum kit . Found 5 piece 20 inch base drum original owner . $1000.
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    It was easier last time

    Starting band again 25years later . seams like band guys then would show up for practice with out a story and would have some of there home work done . My Base player was my first we found a groove I told him he was my wing man 6 months later he cant make it only on his time . He sings not great...
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    Pacific Drums

    Need help on Pacific Drums made in Asia Looking at buying for Bar kit 5 piece $350 bucks low end cymbals
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    UFIP China

    Tell me about UFIP Cymbals Looking at 18 China used $175
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    Jazz considered progressive ?

    Can some one in the Jazz community tell me if Jazz is progessive ? If so does that mean progressive rock is a cousin to Jazz