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    Help me buy your hi hats (looking for Agop lights or SE Jazz?)

    Please help me, I've been looking for my pair of hi hats, meaning the ones that sound the way I imagine hi hats sounding for my playing. I've tried: 13" old K/Z 13" K Mastersound 14" Sabian XS20 14" Agop Traditional Mediums (2 different sets) 15" Paiste 900 series 16" mix match Zildjian/Zilco...
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    Red Lettering "R" on an old Zildjian

    Looking for a bit of info here. There's a Zildjian EAK cymbal in my area that popped up and the owner showed me a picture of a red letter "R" on the top of the cymbal. Does anyone know what this is? I want to say I heard these were specially marked for a reason, perhaps it was a tuner for this...
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    Looking for either a Zildjian 22 K Dark Medium or a 21 K Sweet Ride

    Anyone have one for a decent price? Looking for the 22 to be under 3000g and the K Sweet to be under 2500. Thanks!
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    Help Identifying Sticks

    Hello all, I'm fairly new here, and I wanted to see if anyone out there could help me out identifying these sticks. Here's the story: I'm at my local music store checking out different sticks, and I come across these in a plastic tub along with other "demo" sticks they keep around to let...