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  1. supraphonic

    New Beat Hi Har Top 15”

    Looking for top cymbal only 15”
  2. supraphonic

    Cutting glass glitter inlay strips

    Any tips on how to cut this material? I’ve used sharp utility knives before for larger pieces but wondering if something like a laminate trimmer might be cleaner for these thinner strips.
  3. supraphonic

    Drum wrap

    Anyone selling unused full sheets of drum wrap? Preferably delmar
  4. supraphonic

    DW snare throw

    in brass/gold finish if possible. A Dunnett or indie in gold would also be good if anyone has one
  5. supraphonic

    Meinl Foundry Reserve

    I’m thinking about picking up some crash cymbals from this line. Anyone here using them? Would they have enough volume to play in a rock setting?
  6. supraphonic

    DW gold hardware

    I’ve got an older 90’s DW snare with gold lugs, hoops and hardware that I believe are just brass plated and lacquered. A local guy has a DW snare for sale that looks the same but says the hardware is 24k gold. I know 24k gold is an option on DW drums but are the standard gold hardware options...
  7. supraphonic

    Solid shell crack repair

    Picked up this Paul Jamieson radio king yesterday. It’s got a bit of local recording history and sounds really really good. It’s got a pretty decent horizontal crack in the shell though which I’d like to glue and stabilise. I’m thinking titebond III which I have but maybe a 2 part epoxy would...
  8. supraphonic

    When the 5b’s just aren’t cutting it anymore....

    Picked up these fibes 5s giants. I’ve never seen a pair of these before, I’m guessing store advertising or something?
  9. supraphonic

    Hi hat stand suggestions

    Looking at a new hi hat stand. I’ve got a DW9000 which has a nice action but it’s just way too heavy to haul around. Looking at the Yamaha 740 but would love to know what people are using.
  10. supraphonic

    8” Tom head choice

    I’m reheading my Yamaha birch absolute kit with coated double ply heads (emperor) but I’m leaning Towards an ambassador weight for the 8” as its a smaller drum and might benefit from the brighter head. Anyone else run a single ply on their Smaller Tom?
  11. supraphonic

    Rogers Tom lugs

    Looking for 6 small beavertail lugs for 70’s Rogers tom.
  12. supraphonic

    Pearl New Sound Venture Outfit

    Just picked these up. Not sure if they are ET or M series drums. Made in Japan with small maple shell badges. 14x22” bass 8x12, 9x13, 14x14, 16x16. I’m impressed by the quality of build and the sound. I’m intending to run a one up, two down config with the rack Tom on a rims mount off a cymbal...
  13. supraphonic

    PDP SX snare

    Just picked this up today locally. Made in Mexico maple snare. Would this be a Keller shell or a DW made shell? Seems like a nicely made lower priced drum. Need to pull it apart and clean it up before giving it a play.
  14. supraphonic

    Phonic Tom mount 80’s

    Any condition- with/without t screw. It’s just to cover holes in 16x14 phonic Tom I’ve converted to legs mounted.
  15. supraphonic

    Bass drum port size

    For those that port there bass drum, what is your preferred size and position? I’m thinking 5” bass drum O would be good but local shops only have 4”. I’ve had a 4” on a bass drum head before and it was a bit of a pain to access for mics etc.
  16. supraphonic

    How to clean this 2002 cymbal

    Picked up these 70’s 2002 15” sound edge hi hats the other day. In great shape except there is some weird spill on the top cymbal. At first I thought it was gold paint and tried goof off, lacquer thinners and paint stripper but nothing worked. It looks like it is the removal of the natural...
  17. supraphonic

    Ludwig 1123 foot plate issue

    Picked up the 1123 hi hat stand the other day, the foot plate where the heel part joins is seized and does not pivot at all. I’ve left it for a day with some crc on it and it has gotten a bit on movement back but still really stiff. has anyone ran into this issue before? Does it perhaps need...
  18. supraphonic

    Rare vistalites

    This has just shown up on an auction site down here in New Zealand. I’ve not seen That pattern before. Pretty rare sizes. 20,14,12 and 13 snare
  19. supraphonic

    20” Ludwig tube lugs

    To fit 4” drum. Need 4 x nickel finish if anyone has.
  20. supraphonic

    Sonor phonic Tom arm

    Looking for the single Tom arm version with the longer down post