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    Lil help - ID this bass drum patch?

    I've had this on my short kit BD for years, and I've forgotten what it was. It feels like felt or suede, something soft - not plastic or fabric. Anyone know? and how I can get some other ones? I really like the sound on my BD with this patch.
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    It's black or white: Black Diamond Pearl vs White Marine Pearl

    I have a feeling WMP wins this one, but I love BDP... let's see what happens! Vote your preferred option! BDP WMP
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    zzzzzz... seriously sleeper snares... zzzzzz

    Anyone have some examples of "sleeper" snares? You know, the kind that makes you think "why isn't this snare more popular?" The kind that's got its own character, unique features, range and/or versatility, yet... you rarely hear about it. Maybe there's one at your LDS and it's been there for...
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    "Just right" snare/head combos!

    Hi all, It's always a joyous day when one finds the "just right" head/snare wire combo for a particular snare and one's taste. Was curious to see some of everyone's discoveries. Here are some of mine: Pork Pie Pig Iron 14x6.5 + Ebony Suede Emperor batter + Puresound Equalizer 16 strand: Ebony...
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    The GREEN with ENVY thread!

    Let's have some fun, folks. Post here the items you know people want - but you're not selling! Also, post what would make YOU green with envy! I'll start with my humble reserve of Regal Tip Alex Van Halen signature sticks: As for me, I'll be green with envy for a VK Drums Sterling Silver snare!
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    I have two beautiful columns of wood snares, thought I'd share: *edit: might as well post the whole collection here: Standalones, left to right: Bubinga, Poplar, Musashi Oak, Birch Red Column: Zelkova, Mahogany (yeah, it's wrapped, but matches the theme), Rosewood, Rosewood, Padouk...
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    uuuhhhhhh.... (Gretsch Tom Holder)

    Quick game: what's wrong with this picture? That's right! The mount on the left has succumbed to creep (the time-dependent behaviour of a solid which, when subjected to continuous stress deforms permanently below its yield point). You can see the Gretsch logo staring up vs the...
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    What's a great current Tama snare? (wood, preferably)

    Hey all, Believe it or not - I don't have a Tama snare! I was thinking I could rectify this situation with some advice from the members here. Of course, I'm not looking to spend my life savings on a vintage Bell brass - actually I'm on a wood kick lately, so any notable wood Tama would fit the...
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    "Just crank the snare side" snare tuning - myth?

    I recently had been trying to replicate a snare sound from a YT video, and the guy stated he tuned the batter (G1 coated) medium tight and the snare side "very tight." But going by that advice all I got were overtones and disappointment. I don't think a single one of my snares has the reso...
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    OT: Fried Chicken

    Yesterday I was dying to get some fried chicken at a local diner, it's been a while.... and lo and behold, no fried chicken anymore. Only Chicken fried chicken and tenders. My luck. So I had to drive to the nearest KFC (40 miles away from home, mind you) to satisfy the craving... it was worth...
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    Should Maple be the standard?

    Hey all, I was just thinking how Maple seems to be the standard wood for drums - you see it everywhere. I'm not sure if wood availability is a big factor, or is it just a case of "going with what you know" - but, sonically, SHOULD it be? And if not, in your opinion, what should be the NEW...
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    I can't believe I finally have it!

    Well, finally received, after a small wait: A Drum Art (the brand from Italy) Padauk 14x6.5 snare!!! I've dreamt of one for years - actually I'm still looking for a 14x8 Drum Art Olive, if by any chance anyone has it - PM me!! But, back to the Padauk, it's amazing! Woody, humming with tone...
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    1 Ride, 1 Crash, 1 pair of hihats - what's your choice?

    You are about to take a sabbatical away from home. They have drums which you find good enough, but you were warned to bring your own cymbals. You can only bring 1 Ride, 1 Crash, 1 pair of hihats - what's your choice? For me: Ride: Paiste 2002 20" ride Crash: Paiste Signature Full 16" crash...
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    I'm made of METAL...

    ... my circuits GLEAM! Ok, not circuits, but snares: Top: Dunnett Magnesium, Grestch Hammered Nickel over Steel, Treehouse Hammered Bronze, Pork Pie Iron, Custom Trick Titanium Bottom: Copperphonic, Black Beauty (Nickel over Brass), Sensitones: Brass, Phosphor Bronze, Steel, Aluminum Not...
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    Dunnett - seamless shells?

    Hey all, I have a question for those in the know: Are Dunnett metal snares all seamless? Or are some yes, some no? I can't find this info anywhere - thought it was important for a lot of people, I'm puzzled why it's not clearly stated for their snares I've seen. ?
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    A question for Supraphonic (Aluminum) owners/players

    Hey all, just a quick question for you Supraphonic experts: I just got one I'm trying to tune, and for some reason it's giving me an awful overtone, sounds kinda like a mids squeak/screech, tried changing all sorts of heads, but can't get the sound I want. Closest I got was a CLEAR ambassador...
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    WANTED 14x8 Gretsch Hammered Brass Snare

    Long shot, but... if you have a 14x8 Gretsch Hammered Brass Snare in good condition and original hardware (diecast hoops, particularly) I'm interested, willing to pay $500, PM me.
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    Sadness :(

    I am genuinely sad today... I've spent a couple of days figuring out what my ideal drum kit would be (for a "sooner rather than later" splurge) and I decided it would be with Gretsch USA Custom in Satin Azure Blue 7pc. And would you believe I found exactly what I was looking for - in a SOLD...
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    Not a fan of... "exotic" (read: veneer) snares

    Don't know if I'm the only one with this pet peeve, but it bothers me to see a nice looking "exotic" snare, curious about what the sound might be like, just to find it's 10 plies of maple with a veneer. ??? If I'm going to buy an "exotic" snare I want the different sound, not just the look...
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    Bought, pls remove

    Hi all, if you have a Magnesium 14x6.5 you know of or wish to sell, drop me a line. I have a good collection of Paiste hihats and rides I can throw in, but happy to pp fully for the right snare.