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  1. bon viesta

    gretsch 20/12/14 for hard rock??

    i think i’m leaning away from the idea of a 20/12/14 kit, thanks for all the feed back and experiences. i’m in a weird position as a drummer who idolizes the drummers who idolize jazz, but yet i haven’t quite bridged the gap into idolizing those older jazz players the way i do for the drummers...
  2. bon viesta

    gretsch 20/12/14 for hard rock??

    something i just learned: superstition by stevie wonder was recorded on a 12/13/14/20 drum kit. neat!
  3. bon viesta

    gretsch 20/12/14 for hard rock??

    is such a thing doable? i’m looking to get new drums, and being a bit jazz oriented i’m looking at 12/14/20 configs from gretsch and liking what i see. but my band plays hard rock music, though i’m totally into it and contributing heavily to the heaviness of our sound. granted, i’m not talking...
  4. bon viesta

    sound difference between a 15x10 and 15x12 tom?

    rack tom, and intending on using a snare stand.
  5. bon viesta

    sound difference between a 15x10 and 15x12 tom?

    i’m going to order new drums soon, and i wanna go big. i’m wondering if the sound difference between a shallower 15x10 tom is noticeable when compared to a 15x12. i’m guessing a shallower tom is sharper and more reactive with less emphasis on the low fundamental, considering air moves through...
  6. bon viesta

    cutting down a shell: how much will leave the spacing even?

    i’m wanting to send precision drums a 15x14 floor tom to cut down into 15x12, but im wondering if that size will lead to the lugs on the reso side being too close to the hoop. if that’s the case, would something like a 15x13 down to a 15x12 leave it even? i think of john bonhams thermogloss...
  7. bon viesta

    can you remove paiste cymbal logos?

    i think i’ve heard somewhere that removing logos on specifically paiste cymbals will result in terrible tarnishing of the effected area, mainly due to the metal their cymbals use. is this true?? and also, if it is, is there a way to just remove the ink in a clean way that won’t eat into whatever...
  8. bon viesta

    i want zildjian a avedis, but i would clean off the patina

    i’m wondering if cymbal cleaner would even take the patina off of them, but if it could i would. i like the sound, the look, the whole vibe of avedis cymbals but i absolutely want to take off the patina and logo. has anyone else done this? would it ruin them? structurally i mean, with tarnish...
  9. bon viesta

    how good are gretsch/ludwig style telescoping spurs?

    my ludwig bass drum is either going to have 2 sets of heavy duty curved spurs, or 2 sets of gretsch vintage style spurs. will 2 sets of the gretsch spurs hold down a bass drum though? last thing i want is to end up with spurs that don’t even work. i have a heavy foot by the way, but even with...
  10. bon viesta

    classic maple bearing edges: roundover vs standard 45

    in my mind, i think i overstate how much gear is important to me in terms of sound. i use cheapo cymbals with sizzles and i love playing them and i think they sound pretty alright, even though i lust after the big boy zildjians. if the drums have ambassadors on both sides and are tuned up pretty...
  11. bon viesta

    classic maple bearing edges: roundover vs standard 45

    i’ve been sort of planning the ins and outs of what i want from ludwig later this year, and after first settling on legacy maples i soon realized that it’s just too expensive for not a good enough reason. so, i’ve now decided that classic maples are just more reasonable and also resemble the...
  12. bon viesta

    tom mount mania!! slingerland or rogers?

    also for the record i’m talking about putting a mount on ludwig drums, i’m not sure if slingerland on ludwig is sacrilegious to some.
  13. bon viesta

    tom mount mania!! slingerland or rogers?

    after doing a little math, it seems that the rogers mount would cost upwards of 400 bucks plus a road trip 5 hours away to pennsylvania if i get repro collects and a repro arm (60x2 for collects, ~80x2 for the actual brackets, and 175 for the steve ellis arm which is only sold by local pickup)...
  14. bon viesta

    tom mount mania!! slingerland or rogers?

    i was planning to have just a snare stand as tom mount, but there’s something a lot nicer looking about a tom mounted on a bass drum, along with the reduction in choking, that i want to take advantage of. so, maxwell makes a reproduction slingerland tom mount of the setomatic. they look cool...
  15. bon viesta

    mitch mitchell-esque cymbal sound: giant beats or a avedis??

    washy, prominent, cascading sizzles (as per a few rivets) and just overall “lushness” is the vocabulary i would use to describe the cymbal sound of mitch mitchell, and the cymbal sound i want to be able to get. my idea for sizes are 14, 17-18 crash, a 20 inch ride with rivets, and a nice crashy...
  16. bon viesta

    My Favorite Drum Company Would Be Perfect, If Only They...?

    if ludwig made a reproduction rail mount for toms, and mounted them so the badge was two “panels” away from the badge. aka the right way!
  17. bon viesta

    13/14/16, or 13/16/18?

    i remember hearing the drum solo by mitch mitchell on that video from 1969 in stockholm two years ago and thinking how wide open and huge those bass drums sounded. they were 24x12! as is the one he used at woodstock.
  18. bon viesta

    13/14/16, or 13/16/18?

    i’m deciding on drum sizes for the ludwig kit i’m ordering later this year, and i’m stuck between 14 and 16 inch floor toms or 16 and 18 inch floor toms. also, ala mitch mitchell, the 14/16 kit would also have a 24x12 bass drum. 16/18 would be 24x14. any experience you have with either set up...
  19. bon viesta

    special order 60s ludwig drum sizes

    not talked about a whole lot as far as the custom drums they made in the vintage years, but there's a couple pictures floating around of 60s/early 70s era ludwig drum kits in these amazing custom order big sizes. the coolest part, in my opinion, are the cool double club date bass drum spurs that...
  20. bon viesta

    do round ludwig mufflers fit into the current baseball bat muffler holes?

    been piecing together my conceptual order form that i’d give to the local drum dealer (i’m a very very “i want it exactly this way” kind of person, so you bet i’m thinking of all the little details) and i don’t believe that ludwig offers round mufflers from the factory anymore. they do, however...