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    It’s Sassa-Friday! Summit Drums Curly Sassafras 5x15 snare (yes, 15) NEW

    About this size: One of the stars of my collection is a 15x5 Mahogany snare. This size gives you an elegant sound, sort of a cross between a piccolo and a 14x8 - if you're looking for a sound which is fuller but retains snap, slightly louder with room to create different sounds than a 14" snare...
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    If not for MAPEX would be my #1 -

    Mapex... mostly? Lol
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    Thoughts on DW drums!

    I hate to say it, but I hate the lugs too. I only have a DW 14x8 Purpleheart snare, and while like the snare, I would not purchase another DW drum just because of those lugs.
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    Walnut! And my snare collection

    Mine own walnut is a custom stave: I bought the shell and had it prepared with bearing edges for a Sleishman free-floating frame, but later decided to keep the Sleishman with its original (slightly deeper) maple shell and make this its own drum. Trick throw, S-hoops, 14x6. Also, I picked...
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    Remo Ambassador vs Evans UV1

    Somehow I had the impression that the UV1 was a "cheaper" Evans head. Apparently not so. I have at least 1 snare that came with a UV1, I suppose I can compare it with a G1. But I admit I use different brands for different snares - mostly because if the sound was perfect with the head it came...
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    New member - digging my '78 BDP Ludwigs out of storage!

    Welcome and hope you enjoy your drums again! Nice BDP kit AND free Supra!
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    What have you got on order now ?

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    Gretsch USA Ridgeland Snares

    Wasn't there a thread on snare prices recently? As for me, big NOPE. As part of the target audience (ie, hobbyists aka BUYERS) I think things have really gotten out of hand in snare pricing. If you compare to kits you immediately know a snare is way overpriced in terms of the extra hardware and...
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    30 years - Same kit

    I've had my first big kit for 10 years and change now. Still loving it!
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    Show us your Aluminum Snare Drums!

    This (a Gretsch Ferrone Aluminum Signature snare) was my latest impulse buy, and I have to say: this snare doesn't merely CUT - it SLASHES! I put an Ambassador X on it for some extra beef. Amazing!
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    I might have to put my list of Snares to buy on hold.... The prices are crazy!!!!

    Friend, you don't owe explanations of any sort, enjoy your collection, I have over 65 snares and still buy from time to time, what you buy is happiness (for a time - until you need more happiness) and that is PRICELESS. I play every snare I own, but a collection is even more than that, there's...
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    Your last impulse purchase

    My last impulse purchase... well, I wanted a Rogers branded head for my COB Dyna so... ordered!
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    ONE Snare Drum

    ONE snare? No.
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    GAS Gratitude for 2022

    One good 2022 GAS memory was buying my Tama SLP Fat Spruce near NOLA and getting it home in my suitcase. Was playing it yesterday, love the sound but man that was a tough 2 weeks out near NOLA for work and I got sick there too.
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    Sentimental value of gear!

    For me, 2 snares : Titanium I assembled and custom Walnut I had built to my specs. I choose not to sell any of my gear, but these 2 I dont think would ever go under any circumstances.
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    Show us your Aluminum Snare Drums!

    I'll play. Top to bottom: 14x6.5 Dunnett 2N, 14x5 Sensitone, 14x8 Pearl FF frame with JTP 3mm Aluminum shell.
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    Aluminum snare drum

    Years ago I bought a JTP aluminum shell for a 8x14 Pearl Free-floating chassis. It's a REAL roided Supra in sound. Got it tuned higher than my usual tastes, and I love it. It's thicker than the 8x14 Pearl Aluminum FF, but Id expect that one to sound great too.
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    Extra Wide Snare Wires

    If you need more "smack" more wires can help - but it's always a matter of synergy. For example, I like Puresound Blasters for my metal Ludwigs, but on other drums, they sound dull to me. Likewise, I have a couple of snares where the sweet spot is at the 16-strand level. Brass wires can tame...
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    Are snare wire upgrades that important to sound quality?

    I don't know about "upgrade" - that has to be your own preference. But I DO think the WRONG snare wires won't give you what you want to hear. I prefer Puresound Blasters on my Ludwigs, Ludwig stock snares on some of my wood 14x8s, 40-stranders on some snares, 16-stranders in others. I definitely...
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    Not a big fan of the cowbell

    Never question Bruce Dickinson.