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  1. supraphonic

    I.D. This Snare in Three Posts

  2. supraphonic

    Leedy elite 30’s

    To the top, still looking
  3. supraphonic

    New Beat Hi Har Top 15”

    Looking for top cymbal only 15”
  4. supraphonic

    Lets see your antique drums!

    Old 4x15” Hawkes & Son ‘The Snapper’ it has the New Zealand Distributors stamp on it as well. Surprisingly, it takes modern heads.
  5. supraphonic

    Anyone owns a vintage Pearl kit?

    Cheers. Yeah, the toms and bass have the little ‘maple shell’ badges. They have been lost off the rack toms. The inside labels are inspection stickers. I’ll get a better pic for you tomorrow.
  6. supraphonic

    Anyone owns a vintage Pearl kit?

    I’ve got this early 80’s MX series kit. Made in Japan. They are great sounding drums and I love the sizes. 22x14, 8x12, 9x13, 14x14, 16x16
  7. supraphonic

    Cutting glass glitter inlay strips

    Any tips on how to cut this material? I’ve used sharp utility knives before for larger pieces but wondering if something like a laminate trimmer might be cleaner for these thinner strips.
  8. supraphonic

    Drum wrap

    Anyone selling unused full sheets of drum wrap? Preferably delmar
  9. supraphonic

    Anyone else dislike black drums?

    Cheers, 16x22” 15x15” 8x12” 10x7” (not pictured)
  10. supraphonic

    Anyone else dislike black drums?

    I like my black lacquer GMS kit. Weirdly, it looks green under lights
  11. supraphonic

    DW snare throw

    in brass/gold finish if possible. A Dunnett or indie in gold would also be good if anyone has one
  12. supraphonic

    So what the heck is this? Zildjian

    I believe that is a ‘Cow Bell’ ride. I had the 18” version and didn’t feel it was a great success in cymbal design. My cymbal was ok sounding. They are somewhat rare though.
  13. supraphonic

    Meinl Foundry Reserve

    I’m thinking about picking up some crash cymbals from this line. Anyone here using them? Would they have enough volume to play in a rock setting?
  14. supraphonic

    Way OT: What is your favorite pasta brand?

    This one at the moment and it’s very good. Usually use Barlila.
  15. supraphonic

    Does anyone od you know what's that drumset?

    Amati I think. I had a set just like if
  16. supraphonic


    Is that the $1500 speedway throw?
  17. supraphonic

    DW gold hardware

    I’ve got an older 90’s DW snare with gold lugs, hoops and hardware that I believe are just brass plated and lacquered. A local guy has a DW snare for sale that looks the same but says the hardware is 24k gold. I know 24k gold is an option on DW drums but are the standard gold hardware options...
  18. supraphonic

    Let's See Those Bop Kits

    Yep, it has an adjustment screw which means you can swivel the whole assembly independently of the oval down tube. Thanks! I’m using the flat mainly to keep the volume down but I like it.
  19. supraphonic

    Let's See Those Bop Kits

    I’m playing this Hayman bop kit at the moment. Original wrap is gone and someone added a premier mount. I’m hoping to rewrap it and restore to the original mount at some stage but the premier is definitely easier to set!
  20. supraphonic

    Solid shell crack repair

    Picked up this Paul Jamieson radio king yesterday. It’s got a bit of local recording history and sounds really really good. It’s got a pretty decent horizontal crack in the shell though which I’d like to glue and stabilise. I’m thinking titebond III which I have but maybe a 2 part epoxy would...