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    Paiste 2002 24 Crash or Reverend Al's Ride

    I know the 24 crash has been discontinued, but maybe someone has it sitting around somewhere going unused. Willing to pay cash (i.e. paypal) or work out a trade/partial trade. I have the following cymbals to trade: Paiste 20" Masters dark crash/ride Paiste 20" Traditionals light ride Paiste 19"...
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    Paiste Big Beat 16 Hats

    Looking for a set of big beat hats, specifically the 16". Open to either paying $$ or in setting up a trade (I have some paiste masters/traditionals/sig/giant beat, istanbul agop sig, sabian artisan, zildjian K, dream bliss to trade).
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    Paiste 20 Traditionals Light Ride for 20 602 Thin Crash

    Looking to trade a 20" traditionals light ride (1898g) for a 20" 602 thin crash. This is an older version when Paiste was using an etched logo on the traditionals. The video below is the exact cymbal.
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    British Drum Co Bluebird for copper or bronze snare (or other BDC.)

    I have a British Drum Company Bluebird snare that I'm looking to trade for a copper or bronze snare. The drum is in excellent condition and sounds great. Only reason I'm interested in trading is that I have a premier brass snare that I play more often. The bluebird is a COB 14x6 and is all...
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    60s / 70s Premier Mahogany Drums

    Long shot I know...but still asking. Interested if anyone has a set of vintage Premier mahogany drums they are interested in selling. Not to get too picky, but I'm mainly interested in shells after Premier switched to international sizes. Thanks.
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    Saari Drums?

    I came across a Finnish builder that I haven't seen before (and didn't see anything in a forum search). http://en.saarirummut.fi/SaariWeb/ Does anyone have any experience with their stuff? The drums look interesting...not necessarily my style but interesting nonetheless. It seems that they are...
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    Strainer with large hole spacing?

    I have a premier hi-fi snare and while it's a great drum, the strainer isn't the best at holding tension. I'd like to replace it with something new but the hole spacing is ~2.875 in and I can't find anything that would fit. Does anyone know of a strainer that would fit this size? Drilling is an...
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    Sabian HH Fierce crash

    Looking for a 19" Sabian HH fierce crash (pre-HHX). Not sure if they ever made a bigger size, but if you have one I'd probably be interested in that too.
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    WTT: Paiste Sig Ride and Dream Bliss Ride/Hats, looking for 19/20 A Avedis

    I have a couple cymbals that I'm looking to trade (one for one, or plus cash on my end) for either a 19 or 20 reissue a avedis. What I have: 1) Paiste signature 20" full ride 2) Dream bliss 20" ride 3) Dream bliss 14" hihats All the cymbals are in great shape with no issues aside from stick...
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    Anyone have experience with Lignum drums?

    I'm curious if anyone has either owned or played a kit/snare from Lignum (the Belgian company, not the wood). I've been drooling over their work for a long time, but I've never seen anything from them in person or heard much talk about them. The quality looks to be top-class and from what I've...
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    Paiste Signature Fast Crash - 19" or 20"

    Interested in purchasing either a 19 or 20" sig fast crash.
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    Premier signia replica lugs?

    Does anyone know if there is a custom lug maker who has a design close to the tube lugs on the Premier Signias? I've seen some old stock pop up on ebay and reverb every so often, but I was hoping there is someone who makes something close.