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  1. rsq911

    Ludwig: was/is it a snare or a tom?

    Happy Thanksgiving all! Just purchased a snare, no pics yet because it has not been delivered. But here is the interesting theory…. In late 1969 through 1970, Ludwig only made three versions of a 10”x14” wooden drum: 1- double headed tom 6 large classic lugs 2- concert tom 8 small classic...
  2. rsq911

    Too many drums? Thought of the day…..

  3. rsq911

    New Ludwig “Pee Wee” snares

    Anderson Paak signature snares…. You know….. I actually like the finish. And the video is fun! Yes, they are classic maples with cast hoops, but….
  4. rsq911

    Josh Freese and Wolfie!

    Hey DFO! This has probably been discussed before, but oh well. Watched the tribute for Taylor Hawkins, and enjoyed it. Dave Grohl did a great thing. Hot for Teacher…. Good Lord! Josh Freese, IMO, absolutely killed it! And then Wolfie walks in the room….. Eddie is smiling! Josh’s intro was...
  5. rsq911

    Ludwig black beauty engraved piccolo, brand new, never played, played!

    Hi everyone! Brand new in the plastic bag, in the case, in another plastic bag, in the original cardboard box from 1994, purchased by me (while I was recovering from a car accident), from Atlanta Pro Percussion in 1998, has seen the light of day! After 24 years of ownership, I decided I want to...
  6. rsq911

    Ludwig modular love!

    Hey everyone! Here is my relatively new acquisition kit from a friend/drummer who used this in the early 80’s to back up two famous Jersey boys for almost a decade. I set it up “quad modular” style in my son’s studio, and backwards “Grombacher” style in mine. Enjoy!
  7. rsq911

    1937 WFL’s up and running

    Hey everyone- I got the 37’s up, other than heads, all original, including cymbals, cowbell, woodblock, throne, etc…
  8. rsq911

    Fun e-card that justifies collecting drums

    And there you have it.
  9. rsq911

    Zildjian Viennese

    Hi everyone! 20” Symphonic Viennese, I have been waiting patiently for a pair at a non retail price and wow did I get lucky. Zero issues, almost brand new, and for my solo work, studio lessons, and symphony work, they are awesome. $180 total, but had to buy them separately at $90 each!!!!!
  10. rsq911

    Cool and needed Ludwig parts!

    Hi everyone! First, big thank you to Fork’s in Nashville! Do you have a Ludwig snare with a classic P-87 throw off, a Vector P-90 throw, or a super sensitive of any era with adjustable gut wires? Here you go… P-40811A synthetic gut 18 3/8” P-40812A synthetic gut 19 3/8” P-1128 brass eyelets...
  11. rsq911

    Rogers hardware for Ludwig parts

    Hi everyone! I have the following: Rogers 54-1000 Memriloc snare stand base (only 1 original foot) Rogers 56-2101 Memrioloc extension tube assembly To swap for: Ludwig 1308 spur crutch tips P-669, I need 4 of them Ludwig P-1128 brass eyelets. Thank you, Paul
  12. rsq911

    Trey Gray and Kevin Murphy live, awesome!

    We just saw them live, made the trek to Evansville……. Wow!!!!! Tight, tasty, and unbelievable playing! Great show!
  13. rsq911

    1979 Ludwig's have heads! And an 18" floor!

    Hi everyone! First, big thank you to Mlayton for the p-87 classic throw off to complete the 6.5x14 rock concert snare. How low can you go, I went LOOOOOOOOOOOW!
  14. rsq911

    Signing drums for history

    Hi everyone! I have been thinking about this for awhile. Let’s start a trend! I know Bun E does this, but I think this is a great idea to sign the inside of your drums. It creates a lineage and history for them. The civil war and turn of the century drums that have names and other information...
  15. rsq911

    18" Floor toms.... I have been missing out!

    I finally got a kit (thanks to my awesome wife!), with an 18" floor (Ludwig of course). I have always had 16's and 14's. Wow! This is cool! Is it big and like lugging another bass drum around?! Who cares! It is a beast! The kit is a 79' Ludwig red cortex 8-10-12-13-14-16-18-22 power tom...
  16. rsq911

    DFO weekend get together?

    Hi everyone! Life is too short, let’s have a weekend and get together! I am willing to host it at my college.
  17. rsq911

    Why Drumforum is great.

    Hey everyone! Well, I won’t talk about my March Madness bracket slowly going South….. but….. In all seriousness, the more I read and post, let alone the friends I have made here, and fantastic transactions, the wealth of shared (and corrected), information and history, is awesome. Thank you!
  18. rsq911

    Charlie Costello

    Does anyone know what ever happened to Rogers Dyna "guru" Charlie Costello?
  19. rsq911

    Mix-matching your whole kit, whose guilty?

    Happy snow Friday! Well at least in Southern Illinois. I am at the age, point, experience that I just use what I feel like, or does something to my ear, soul, and mood. But I guess I am guilty of the drums matching (minus snare). The kit usually matches, Snare, nope, Stands, not even close...
  20. rsq911

    Ludwig P-86 strainer no more?

    I do not know if I missed this one already, but if you go to Ludwig's site, or download the "outfitter," the P-86 millennium strainer does not show up as an option. Well......if you take this one away, bring back the P-70 super sensitive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!