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  1. esooy

    Keller getting out of the drum shell business ?

    Actually Bernie Stone purchased the Slingerland machines. There is an interesting episode of Drum History where he interviewed Bernie. Bill Cardwell does have mold machines, but purchased them new.
  2. esooy

    Keller getting out of the drum shell business ?

    I put this rumor in the same box as the “DW is on the verge of bankruptcy.” Now I await someone to comment that it has been true over the years even though they don’t know anyone who works there.
  3. esooy

    The relationships between furniture manufacturers and Musical Instrument companies

    The Ludwig NC thing doesn’t really seem to be because of the furniture connection, but cost of production. It’s not like it doesn’t take skill to do their wood products, but aside from shells what wood products do they manufacture there? They aren’t making custom highboys and armoires. Maybe...
  4. esooy

    Clickbait addiction !!!!

    I won't believe what happens next!
  5. esooy

    It’s LudVig, you morons! DCP voicemail

    And Sakae is pronounced sah-kah-ay (ay as in say). I asked my Japanese customer because it was vexing me.
  6. esooy

    OT: Significant other thinks Sweetwater started skimping on the candy

    Not enough smoosh resistance I’m afraid.
  7. esooy

    Are High-End Drums a Giant Waste of Money?

    Hell, he should see what I spend on bikes. They aren’t huffys that’s for sure.
  8. esooy

    Taylor Swift makes history as she takes over the entire US top 10

    She has some catchy tunes, although I wouldn’t call me a fan. I remember seeing her do a little show on tv long before she was a mega star. Let’s just say she was “pitchy, dog.” But she’s a pop musician that makes pop tunes. No doubt talented, and certainly no dummy. She seems to keep her life...
  9. esooy

    N&C chrome issues

    Everyone remain calm and return the pitchforks to the shed. Get some 0000 steel wool, rub lightly, see if that does it.
  10. esooy

    Extra Big Bass Drum Redefined as A&F Unveils One It's Impossible to Find Heads For at Guitar Center

    There’s nothing “proprietary” about whatever metal they are using. 100% marketing right thar. Foundries and mills would require a giant order for such things which ain’t happening in the world of boutiquedrumland.
  11. esooy

    Anyone use drumsellers.com or drumsforsale.co?

    @georgelawrence runs the former. I haven't seen him dip in here in a long while.
  12. esooy

    New Yes Line-Up Announces U.S. "Close to the Edge" 50th Anniversary Tour

    Interesting, 4 pages in and no one has even typed "Jay Schellen" or talked about any aspect of him being the drummer. Bill Bruford 4EVR anyway...
  13. esooy

    So many missing Forumites???

    I had a lot of private correspondence with Titus P. at one point. Intelligent guy, but then *poof* he was gone.
  14. esooy

    Some Yamaha news...

    Ha! Exactly. @Murat , do you get any appreciable amount of orders for this? Not that a yes would make me like it any more. Yamaha finishes through history - excellent. Then that. Sorry to toss this in, but DW lacquers rule them all.
  15. esooy

    Some Yamaha news...

    What was that Yamaha finish where it was glossy, but it was like the shells had not been sanded flat? That was the ugliest finish ever. It looked like someone stained and put a gloss finish on 100 year old flooring.
  16. esooy

    Problem with eBay profit taking... Can we do Class Action?

    Correct. In pretty much anything involving a lawyer for conflict situations, they are the only winners. Especially when you factor the time and mental bandwidth you will spend. And that retainer fee…
  17. esooy

    Lacquer or leave my copper snare

    It would probably be better to leave it as is. Clear coating metal and have it turn out looking factory new is pretty difficult. I put this in the “the devil you know” category.
  18. esooy

    Terrible Bands You Still Like, Supertramp Edition

    I don’t know if anyone posted this, I’m not going through 12 pages to find out but
  19. esooy

    Orange County Drums- Drum History podcast

    Before they were bought by GC, they made SUPER expensive kits and snares. Kids ate them up. They were the SJC before SJC. Jeremy Berman, who owns Q Drum Co., worked at OCDP but I'm not sure if he was an owner. Sad story, Jeremy has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer and has...
  20. esooy

    I'm a Drummer Living in a 500-Square-Foot NYC Apartment

    I don't even want to tell you how much my son just paid for 1200 sq ft townhouse, 1 car garage (where you can barely open up the car door), and driveway that is a single car length's long. Front lawn is 2 x 5. Backyard is 10 x 20. This is in Denver suburbs. Boulder is worse. But they were paying...