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    *SOLD* Late-1980s Zildjians

    18" A Zildjian Rock Crash **SOLD** 20" A Zildjian Rock Ride **SOLD** No keyholes, cracks, flea bites, or any other issues
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    Maxwin disappearing spurs

    Looking for two disappearing spur legs for a 1978 Maxwin bass drum. Preferably 10-12"
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    *SOLD* 20" Crescent Stanton Moore Wide Ride

    Sabian/Crescent 20" Stanton Moore Wide Ride perfect condition
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    Interesting idea!

    Drumkit with built-in adjustable "silencers" https://www.donnerdeal.com/collections/acoustic-drums/products/donner-5-drum-set-with-built-in-silencer-system-for-adult-complete-junior-drum-kit-professional-drum-set
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    WTD: DW Peacock Oyster snare

    Trying again, since my last attempt was met with a scam and thievery. Looking for a DW Peacock Oyster snare -- 5.5 or 6.5, maple or maple/mahogany
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    SOLD - DW 6.5x14 BNOB snare

    DW Collectors 6.5x14 Black Nickel (not satin) over Brass snare Mag throwoff, 5-position butt, True Hoops, chrome hardware Puresound 30-strand wires **SOLD**
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    My old 1959 Blue Sparkle Ludwig kit

    Looking for my old 1959 Transition badge Blue Sparkle kit, traded to music store in Western Massachusetts around late 1976. 14x22 bass drum spurs were replaced with thin curved disappearing spurs (and probably a crappy drill job), 16x16 floor tom was a non-vented, non-badged 1959 Slingerland...
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    Lug ID please

    Can anyone identify this lug? Thanks!
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    Sabian AA Mini Holy Chinas

    Sabian AA 10” Mini Holy China NEW! $125 Sabian AA 12” Mini Holy China NEW! *SOLD* + shipping of course
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    What Ludwig part is this??

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    Ludwig marching claws (13 pcs)

    $60 shipped in USA
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    Ludwig bass drum anchor

    $65 shipped in USA
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    Ludwig 1127 hoop mount hi-hat brace/stabilizer

    $75.00 shipped in USA
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    **SOLD** Sabian 22” HH Jam Master ride

    Sabian 22” HH David Garibaldi Jam Master ride (2014) **SOLD**
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    SOLD! Rogers Fullerton Powertone toms

    Rogers Powertone 9x13, 10x14 toms Fullerton era Paper tags intact white mufflers 13" missing collet plate Black wrap is dulled out -- might be a rewrap? 9x13: **SOLD** 10x14: **SOLD**
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    Regal Tip 9A Maple sticks

    Can't get them anymore -- need them!
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    Drumsticks : Zildjian, VF NOS

    4 pair Zildjian 10 Gauge sticks (16 x .595) - new! $30.00 +$10.00 USPS shipping in USA 4 pair Vic Firth Steve Smith sticks (2 pair w/original signature, 2 pr w/newer sig) - new! $30.00 +$10.00 USPS shipping in USA
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    Remo Falams-K 14" heads - NOS

    Remo Falams Kevlar drumheads. NOS from the 1980s: 1 - 14" Remo Falams K Natural w/Clear Dot 1 - 14" Remo Falams-K Coated White 1 - 14" Remo Falams-K Natural Super I'm selling for $29 each + USPS shipping (USA only) Or take all three for $75 + shipping (These are like $45-60 each in stores...
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    How many cymbals are too many?

    I just did inventory of all my cymbals. I have: 14 hi-hat pairs 25 crashes 15 rides 8 splashes 8 chinas 13 misc. effect cymbals 6 gongs 1 set of low-volume cymbals Time to pare down or keep going? (Lol)
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    Remo Dynamax stand base

    Looking for double-braced stand base for Remo Dynamax (1980s) cymbal or tom stand. Needs to accept ¾" down tube