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  1. drummer

    Gretsch Catalina Bop finish exclusive to Sweetwater

    Right now Sweetwater has it for $749 and they also give you a Fiberskyn bass drum logo head
  2. drummer

    rogers floor tom

  3. drummer

    Blue sparkle 8x12 Ludwig tom

    I have an 8x12 blue sparkle. It's a Slingerland but has a Ludwig mount along with the stock setomatic.
  4. drummer

    rogers floor tom

    I have one. Needs a rewrap.
  5. drummer

    Original vintage Gretsch 20” bass drum logo head

    I've got one..
  6. drummer

    DW Ultra light package

    Thank you Sequimite
  7. drummer

    DW Ultra light package

  8. drummer

    DW Ultra light package

    Dw Ultra Light Package Hihat and snare stand along with two straight cymbal stands. $200 plus shipping lower 48. Near Seattle
  9. drummer

    Wolfpack stick bag SOLD!!!!

  10. drummer

    Wolfpack stick bag SOLD!!!!

    This is large enough for lots of sticks and accessories. 5 separate zippered compartments, one being large enough for a lap top. Like new. Made of vegan leather. $45 OBO. Plus shipping.
  11. drummer

    A 20” kick/14” FT gig has me rethinkin…

    Plus add a 16".
  12. drummer

    Why are vintage drums/cymbals so hard to find at antique shops?…

    Wow I've been around awhile but you sold an Acro for $650 that's incredible
  13. drummer

    Gretsch Inlays

    I'll keep that option in mind. Thank you
  14. drummer

    Gretsch Inlays

    Gretsch Aqua Blue Satin Flame Inlays wanted for two 20" 60's hoops. Thanks
  15. drummer

    Vintage Drum Shirts

    Do you still have those drums?
  16. drummer

    Rototoms without the track mounts

    How do you rotate these?