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    **SOLD** Bunch of Ludwig Super Classic lugs, rods, claws and screws… and more! $125

    Lo and behold… buried in my attic has turned up a long lost box of Ludwig drum shell parts. I no longer need and want to purge them. Some of the parts are vintage and some (like the screws) are new Ludwig, bought from 2112 Percussion several years ago (around 2008 I think.) There are 7 bass...
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    Price drop-Vintage WFL snare basket $12

    Got this extra snare basket looking for new home… it’s in pretty good shape. Just have the basket part and not lower stand. How about new and improved lower price of $12 shipped?
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    **SOLD*** Six (mix of) 14” & 13” rims and two 12” - $35 price drop

    Hi all- somehow I wound up with these rims (I think from abandoned rebuild project I was gonna do) and now just want to unload them. Found the receipt and 2/3 of them were bought new from 2112 Percussion for $16 each and I think they’re aftermarket. The 12’s are in ok shape and four of the 14’s...
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    Erskine “Drumset Essentials Complete” books and CD’s + DVD $30

    Hello all- I have this full set of all 3 books and accompanying discs I’d like to part with. Like new. No scratches on discs at all. Each individual book is about $20 on Amazon new… how about $30 for all three of these shipped?
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    **SOLD** “Making of Drum Company” Ludwig book $8

    Nice condition book for sale. $8 shipped?
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    **SOLD** new Canopus muffler & Ludwig strainer $30

    Greetings all- want to purge this strainer and muffler I had for project that got abandoned. They are both new and in original unopened bag. How about $30 for both shipped? (I think the Canopus muffler by itself sells for $50 in stores.) Don’t wanna deal with separating them out so both go...
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    **SOLD**Drum books

    Hello all- I want to pass these on to someone who can make use of them. They are all like new and unread. $10 for all 4 books shipped? I’ll bundle all of them together and don’t want to sell individually. Thanks
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    Reveneered vintage Gretsch shells on eBay- including 18” original bass - $1,100

    Greetings all- Posted these on eBay awhile back and still looking for a home and hoping to move them on out: (I need $ for taxes more than I need build project shells at the moment unfortunately)...
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    **SOLD** DW 9000 pedal with hard case $225 plus shipping

    Hello- looking to part with this like new DW 9000 pedal and case. Great shape and no marks or scuffs. $225 plus shipping?
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    **SOLD** Gretsch Round Badge 16” tom project with all hardware- $450 or best offer

    Hi all- Got a project vintage Gretsch round badge 16” floor tom I want to purge. It came to me off Reverb last Fall and I put considerable elbow grease into stripping it (goal was to match up with a refinished bass and 12” tom I already had for a Watts style kit that I’m also still trying to...
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    **SOLD**. NEW Glenn Cronkhite stick bag $175 shipped-never used- make offer

    Hi all- Anyone interested in a new Cronkhite stick bag? I purchased this directly from them back in the Fall but not going to be using it. —Dark chocolate brown color. —Brand new and only taken out of shipping box for pics below. No marks, scuffs, scrapes or wear. Unzipped just one time so this...
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    **SOLD** Ludwig vintage tension rods & washers $25 shipped + free new snare wires

    Hi all- bought some vintage 70’s rods from Salt City Drums looking for new home… Twelve (12) vintage Ludwig rods (1-7/8” length) off a ‘70’s vistalite snare that Salt City dug up and sent to me just a few months ago. With washers. Make offer if price seems steep but I think I paid quite a bit...
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    **SOLD**6 lug aftermarket snare hoops- thin

    Hello all- bought these off Amazon about 6 mos. ago for Pioneer snare project that I abandoned. Hard to find vintage ones out there so these looked like next best option. In new shape as they were never built out. $25 shipped?
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    **SOLD**60’s Gretsch RB- Watts-style, 22” bass and 12” tom - $700 shipped

    Hi all- decided to part ways with these nice Gretsch round badge drums I picked up last year. Charlie Watts style refinish was done on these before I got them off Reverb. Bass: 14”x22” has four holes for original mount filled in and original heads. Hoops have blue sparkle inlay (assuming that...
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    Pricing reveneered vintage Gretsch shells?

    Hello all- I’m looking for some help pricing some vintage Gretsch shells I picked up last year… I bought these in an overly optimistic moment thinking that I’d build out a jazz kit but not sure I’ll get around to it. My understanding is the shells had maple veneer layer applied professionally...
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    *SOLD* Vintage ‘60’s Ludwig Black Oyster Pearl 8x12” tom- rewrap excellent shape

    I have this refurb’d 3ply ‘60’s Ludwig tom for sale. Purchased off Reverb. No extra holes, hardware is great, rewrapped in Delmar finish (I believe) and repainted interior. Slight lift at wrap edge but should be easy reglue fix. In very nice condition and good to go. Bearing edges good. (Also...
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    Gauger 12” flex **SOLD** frame for tom stand-excellent condition

    I have a Gauger 12” flex frame for stand mounted tom that I want to pass on to someone who can make use of it. Pics below. $27 shipped? (Goes for $45+ direct from Gauger I believe) Thanks
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    DW Collector’s Snare

    Hi all- Continuing my purge and listing this DW snare I purchased for a (contemporary) Charlie Watts kit tribute. It’s natural maple snare from 2006 and in nice shape. A few normal wear and tear scuffs but nothing major. Posted on eBay and hoping to get $400 shipped for it. Thanks
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    *SOLD*Vintage Ludwig 60’s 20” bass drum shell and lugs- shipped

    Greetings all- I put this one up on eBay as well, but looking to unload bass project shell. ‘60’s Ludwig that needs some TLC for sure. Has a puncture wound that needs regluing and also suffered indignity of black spray paint job on interior… paid $200 for it but def willing to take less than...
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    ‘60’s *SOLD-Shell* Ludwig Pioneer snare shell- drop to $75

    Hello- parting with some accumulated drum projects that aren’t going anywhere and would love to pass on this Pioneer snare shell to somebody up for the challenge. Date stamp kinda light but looks like 1966. It had a re-ring in need of TLC when I got it and I reglued. (I also have new Ludwig...