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  1. dxtr

    Will a 24" bassdrum fit in a 22" gig bag?

    Hey everyone! Name says it all! I have a kit that's 13/16/24 and I'm buying a set of Gator cases. For the price of the those cases individually, I can get a set of 12/13/14/16/22. If the 24" kick will fit in the 22" case I will make use of the others. Anyone have experience putting a 24...
  2. dxtr

    A fond goodbye

    After being here for quite some time and learning a lot from you guys I am leaving you all. I am at a place where I cannot be spending money on gear. I already work at a drum shop which makes it hard but also coming here and seeing and hearing about all your beautiful gear isn't helping me with...
  3. dxtr

    Blend in or cut through

    Ladies and Gents So as you guys know I have been looking into the Bosphorus cymbals. They tend me to be lighter weights then some of brands and I've been reading a lot that they blend nicely into a band. This has lead me to a cymbal concept that I have wondered about for a while and thought I...
  4. dxtr

    Talk to me about the versatility of Bosphorus

    So here we are again! I finished up my set of Sabians and I get offered a chance to get bosphorus! I've always really dug Bosphorus but the price and the fact that my shop doesn't carry them always made them more of a wish then anything else. Every time I've played a Bosphorus my brain has...
  5. dxtr


    Hey Guys I apologize if this has already been talked about, I couldn't think of a way to search for this. But basically the question is. Do you guys play covers verbatim or do your own thing? My cover band tends to play songs pretty loosey goosey. as long as the melody, groove, and changes...
  6. dxtr

    My Small Keller Shell Rant

    I just need to get this off my chest. I have read this comment on this forum and many other far too many times about custom drum companies. "They just use a keller shell. It can't be that different from all the other custom drums out there" 1) Not everyone who uses a keller shell make their...
  7. dxtr

    What to do about my rides

    So I've ended up in a fairly interesting place. I've always loved my 20" AA El Sabor ride and have played one on and off for years. I recently picked up the 21" Memphis Ride and I'm crazy about it. It's become the ride I use on pretty well every gig. And I find it fits better with most stuff...
  8. dxtr

    Evans Level 360 Heads

    So! My drumshop this week got in a couple sets of the Evans Level 360 heads so that we could put them on some drums for our customers to check out. Here's what I've got so far. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's...
  9. dxtr

    13, 16, 22

    Hello Ladies and Gents As a spin off from my previous post about most versatile drum sizes. I was curious about 13, 16, 22. It was the industry standard for a long time for pretty much ever genre. I love the idea of the traditional sizes. Any thoughts as to how it'll hold up for a main...
  10. dxtr

    The Most Versatile Drum Sizes

    Hey Guys It looks like I may be doing some down sizing on my gear. Seeing as I'm becoming a pastor in the next couple years I won't be choosing where I live or how big my house will be and I have a rather large kit right now. I'm looking for what you guys think would be the most versatile...
  11. dxtr

    Describe Your Perfect Drum Shop

    Hola Everybody I'm looking for ideas as to how to improve the shop I work at. So I was hoping that you guys would be willing to offer up what you look for in a drum shop. It can cover anything and everything. Product, parts, accessories, customer service. Everything will help! Thanks! dxtr
  12. dxtr

    My issues with the modern customer

    I've been working in drum retail for 5 years now. I often get drummers that want items off a kit and expect it to happen whenever they want. They come in asking for hardware from hardware packs, or individual drums off of complete drum kits. Here is what the customer is saying and thinks it...
  13. dxtr

    Drum kit with interchangeable wraps?

    Has anyone ever made or heard of a drum kit that has a system so you can interchange wraps? Like an easy finish change kinda thing? dxtr
  14. dxtr

    Looking for some modern country drummers to check out

    I've been hearing that the new country drummers out there are killing it. I would like to check some out. Could I get some names or videos? dxtr
  15. dxtr

    Need help liking DW

    Hey Guys I've never been a fan of DW drums. I've heard only a couple of good sounding kits in my time. Every time I hear them they are bagged out and sound flabby and papery and gross. I honestly can't stand the sound. They generally sound like every tom is a small bass drum. To me Ive always...
  16. dxtr

    Anyone here use 15" Sabian Artisan Hats?

    The questions in the name. If you have any info on playability/sound/versatility? dxtr
  17. dxtr

    Look Mom no toms!

    In April I did a gig and played no toms. I did it just to change it up, did the change last minute and for no real reason. Last night at my cover gig I did the following setup. 7X13 Main Snare - Tuned Medium High 5.5X14 Side Snare - Tuned Very Low 15X24 Kik - Standard Low kik tuning 15" Hats...
  18. dxtr

    AA Raw Bell Dry Ride Review

    Well. Holy Crap. This is one of Sabians best kept secrets! We often hear about the HH RBDR. It's one of the most versatile rides ever made. As a previous owner of the HH I will compare the AA to it. The HH is clean, warm, with a great stick definition and a wonderful big crash. The AA is...
  19. dxtr

    AA Raw Bell Dry Ride

    Not long ago I posted about my AAX Memphis ride. I used it on a few gigs and fell in love with it. There was just one problem that I had. In higher volume situations it just wasn't cutting through the band. I had to make the hard choice to get rid of it in place of something else. After some...
  20. dxtr

    When retail goes right!

    Hey Guys I just wanted to share a cool thing that happened today. Its not huge but its pretty awesome. We have a young guy whos been a customer for a long time. Hes only 13 now but hes been playing and practising for the last 4 years. He works very very hard and is growing as a player all the...