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  1. PappyLongshanks

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    My last cymbal purchase was a Byzance 20 inch vintage crash. Probably my most favorite crash ever.
  2. PappyLongshanks

    Meinl Cymbals

    I play all Byzance cymbals and they sound amazing. I look forward to my next purchase that’s for sure.
  3. PappyLongshanks

    Broken Cymbals - What Can We Do?

    If it's an edge crack I'll have mine lathed down to the next size smaller cymbal.
  4. PappyLongshanks

    Need Recommendation on Cymbal

    I use a Paiste Sound Formula 20" Full Ride. Great stick definition and crashable.
  5. PappyLongshanks

    My band just released our first single/music video!

    Great song, very catchy. Good luck.
  6. PappyLongshanks

    What cymbals are on your wish list this week,

    Paiste Masters 20" Dark Crash Ride. Ridable, crashable, and trashy.
  7. PappyLongshanks

    Bass drum angle

    I have always lifted the front of my bass drum off the floor so my beater hits flat and at a 90 degree angle.
  8. PappyLongshanks

    OT: Ouch...sorry Nickleback

    Well, I wont be driving drunk in Canada!
  9. PappyLongshanks

    I know this is verboten but I did it anyway...

    Great job. I went back to a kit with the toms mounted.
  10. PappyLongshanks

    "Bands" With Only Drums and Guitar

    Left Lane Cruiser. They're a great duo.
  11. PappyLongshanks

    Paiste Masters Crash Ride

    Thanks for the replies folks. The feedback is much appreciated. I've come to the conclusion that the Paiste Masters Crash Ride will be my next cymbal purchase. Peace
  12. PappyLongshanks

    The stick trading thread

    I'm looking for Ahead 2B or Ahead 5ABS. I have... Ahead 1 Pair Rock 1 Pair 5B Rock Crossroads 1 Pair 5B Crossroads I would be willing to trade two pair for one pair. Thanks
  13. PappyLongshanks

    Paiste Masters Crash Ride

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a trashy crash cymbal from Paiste. I've heard some reviews on YT of the Masters 20 inch crash ride and I think it does sound pretty trashy, but if there are any players of this cymbal could you give me your input? Thanks
  14. PappyLongshanks

    Ludwig Supralite Steel

    I was lucky enough to find a very lightly used 8x14 with new Evans heads top and bottom and a new set of 42 strand snare wires. I paid $100 for it and it has been a joy to play. I did swap out the top head with a Evans HD. This beast has plenty of crack tuned high, and when tuned medium it is...