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  1. drumdawg

    Show us your Aluminum Snare Drums!

    I only own one in my "collection" of 3 total snares :) Pearl sensitone 6.5 x 14. I have enjoyed it though.
  2. drumdawg

    The Official DFO Random Drum Photo Thread!

    This popped up in youtube...
  3. drumdawg

    Two Up One Down Spotted

    Saw Blues Traveler this week in Atlanta. Don't see many rockin the two up one down setup these days. They put on a great show!
  4. drumdawg

    Fantasy Fill-In, One Song, Which Band?

    Hard to pick one but I would say Shoot to Thrill by AC/DC. I think it would be awesome to bang that out and then walk off stage! :headbang: (and let the real drummer take over)
  5. drumdawg

    OT: Handles and Avatars

    My handle is a mix of two of my interests, drums and the georgia bulldogs (dawgs). The avatar is a brand new remo ambassador snare - a beautiful sight.
  6. drumdawg

    Evans EC Reverse Dot and 500 Snare Side

    Nice demo! What difference have you found from the 500 snare side head vs the 300? I have been curious about trying it but have heard some say I wouldn't like it because of the lack of snare response. I could hear the snares fine in the video so was curious. Thanks!
  7. drumdawg

    Gel Dampners Review

    I've been using Drumtacs for a while now and prefer them as well. I like them because you can clean them and the stickyness comes back. If you have the need you can put them on the resonant head or under a cymbal. Haven't been able to do that with a moongel.
  8. drumdawg

    The most popular message on DFO

    I see this on the phone as well. If I tap the refresh button it goes away for me.
  9. drumdawg

    Should Maple be the standard?

    This popped up for me on youtube and made me think of this discussion. They tried to have everything the same between three kits with the only difference being the wood, one of them maple.
  10. drumdawg

    From start to stage in 5 months

    Congrats on finding others to play with and a gig! Couple that with the progress you've made in such a short time that's quite an accomplishment.
  11. drumdawg

    The Official DFO Random Drum Photo Thread!

    Moongel that turned purple...
  12. drumdawg

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    I couldn't resist when Zildjian had their black Friday deals and had the 18 inch A medium thin crash for $159. It was one I had my eye on for some time and even before the recent inflation jump the lowest I could find it with discounts was about $225. Very happy with it so far.
  13. drumdawg

    file compare app

    I use software called Beyond Compare for work that does pretty well. I use PC but it has a Mac version.
  14. drumdawg

    The Snare drum Holy Grail

    It would be cool to own one of the Tama Rosewood snares Alex Van Halen used to record the early albums with. It wouldn't have to be THE one that was used but one from that era would be sweet.
  15. drumdawg

    What pedal are you using?

    Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide 900 double pedals. I am curious about the Tama Dyna-Sync, heard a lot of good things.
  16. drumdawg

    Tell us about some of your drumming milestones

    About a month after I bought my first drum set in 1991 I was asked to join my friends band. It wasn't my intent when I bought it, I just wanted to jam with him in the garage when he wasn't playing with his band, and to learn to play myself. I think they asked me mostly because they didn't like...
  17. drumdawg

    Vinnie recordings

    What, nobody has mentioned Megadeth - The System Has Failed? :D I was pretty amazed that he played on a Megadeth album but it's just more proof that he can play anything.
  18. drumdawg

    Is Everyone Sleepin this Drummer...

    I discovered them recently on siriusXM. They were on the jam band station. I'm a fan of him and the band for sure.
  19. drumdawg

    Where the lefties/southpaws at???

    I am a lefty. Left handed and footed but I play righty setup. I play righty because in the beginning, anytime I had a chance to sit at a kit it was always right handed so I just kept going. I'm glad I did because of course my teacher was righty and it made things easier. As a lefty you get...