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  1. ellaguru

    OT: Looking for DAT recorder repair

    ProDigital outside of Philly (?) used to be the only place to go, but once Paul passed away a couple years back, i think they are done with DAT. What model are you seeking to get repaired? If its a home deck, then perhaps you can find some one. No shop I know of even attempts to look at...
  2. ellaguru

    In defense of cover songs

    While I enjoy hearing an occasional cover, Im grateful that my band does not do them. I find no joy in playing others music.
  3. ellaguru

    Your personal gig dress code

    - no shirts with other bands names on them - no shorts - take off that baseball hat
  4. ellaguru

    Jeff Porcaro #9 on Forbes highest paid dead celebs list

    Nice. A thread about counting someone else's money.
  5. ellaguru

    Higher Used Gear Prices Next Year - My Prediction

    Im down with paying my fair share of taxes, but not from a garage sale. Therefore, no garage sale.
  6. ellaguru

    Sweetwater will start carrying Dream cymbals

    same guy called earlier and thanked me for buying 3 guitar picks. he can keep the bit-o-honey.
  7. ellaguru

    When Did We Take The Throne?

    i think the "royalty-ness" arrived soon after the need to correct people.
  8. ellaguru

    Favorite albums

    XTC - Skylarking Masters Of Reality - Sunrise on The Sufferbus Mike Watt - Contemplating The Engine Room The Stooges - either of the first 2 albums Mudhoney - pick one...doesnt matter! Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation Dead Kennedys - FFFRV John Coltrane - Ole! ...could go on for days, but these...
  9. ellaguru

    Is there a way to block "signatures"?

    and it was there the whole time! thanks for the guidance...
  10. ellaguru

    The most meaningless and persistently overused word in product names. Stop it ~ get some help.

    I ordered a "Stop It~Get Some Help" from Amazon but the box with the "Some" in it never arrived. No help from Amazon either. Now what do I do?
  11. ellaguru

    Is there a way to block "signatures"?

    Just curious...I find the internet "brag doctrine" a bit fatiguing, especially when scrolling through some informative threads. A gear link/profile would suffice, wouldn't it?
  12. ellaguru

    Video Shows Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee Playing to a Tape on Stadium Tour

    You forgot to add it being regurgitated here via a daily Google News Search.
  13. ellaguru

    Song requests and tip$

    Like the great Mike Watt always says at the end of the set... "Start your own band."
  14. ellaguru

    Way OT Converse Chucks sizing ?

    I go true to size if they're going to be my drum playing shoes. They'll stretch out just right after a few practices. Laces will be too long once settled in.
  15. ellaguru

    Probably the most famous Led Zeppelin concert of all time...

    i give up..which one of these is not like the other? all i can figure out is that we have Mike Millard's recording of a coke-d up LZ from the '77 tour...a photo of someones kit at home that looks alot like Mr. Bonhams...and 2 live shots from no where near the time of the recording that is...
  16. ellaguru

    Robert Plant and Alison Krauss Hasten the Death of "Rock and Roll"

    id wager it was the only drum related "news" that was able to regurgitated today.
  17. ellaguru

    1963 Original Ludwig Super Classic, Ringo-Beatle Spec Snare, Complete. Best Ringo set ever!

    Thats what i think is scribbled inside my Supra...looks like a backwards 5 or some sort of G.
  18. ellaguru

    Did a DFO member in Michigan score this Slingy set?

    wasnt me, and i own a set just like those already. a matching set to leave at the prac pad wouldve been perfect. dammit!
  19. ellaguru

    Cymbal Bag

    Save your back..spread all that weight over 2 bags.
  20. ellaguru

    Fred Armisen on Spotting Hobbyist Drummers: Expensive New Kits with Lots of Stuff

    Lesson learned: never join a cover band, especially one that has someone on keytar and do-rag.