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  1. Kevin OConnor

    Testimonial for Sweetwater (long post)

    The folks at Sweetwater have always cared about meeting customers' needs. You will not get that customer service anywhere else. The drum inventory is hopefully, a work in progress.
  2. Kevin OConnor

    Ludwig Stainless Drums

    Great drums; pro/ loud you may not need to mike the drums, and con/heavy drums for gigging. Any scratches that may occur can be buffed out. I also use pinstripes or silver or black dots on batters and clear emperors on the resonant heads...
  3. Kevin OConnor

    17" Deep snare on a kit

    I've seen and heard the USMA Hellcat band at West Point and they are impressive. Just when you think that they've played the biggest drums, another drum crew shows up: &feature=related
  4. Kevin OConnor

    Tune Bot vs. Drum Dial

    When changing heads I use a Sears craftsman electric screwdriver with torque adjustment to roughly tension drums and a drum dial and drum key for final tuning. I see that Gibson offers a free app to tune guitars for Iphones and Ipad called Studio share. I wonder if anyone has applied this app...
  5. Kevin OConnor

    Slightly OT: 25 year Class Reunion

    There are a few 1980's band references in this Bowling For Soup song Michelle; Way back when MTV played music: Springsteen, Blondie, U2 etc... Good luck with the reunion. &feature=related Top 100 hits of 1985: http://eightiesclub.tripod.com/id215.htm
  6. Kevin OConnor

    OT: The dentist

    Oddly enough none of the Dentists that I know admit to this reference :shock:
  7. Kevin OConnor

    What's your favorite style of lug?

    Slingerland Beavertails
  8. Kevin OConnor

    OT: The dentist

    I thought that this was a reference to Carmine Appice http://www.classicbands.com/CarmineAppiceInterview.html Too many fills.
  9. Kevin OConnor

    Roto Tom Madness

    I'd be interested in seeing how other drummers have mounted their rototoms. The classic 6", 8", and 10" setup is non ergonomic at best. I mount my RTtom on a bracket off the hi-hat.
  10. Kevin OConnor

    Roto Tom Madness

    They are underrated. I use an 8' RT between snare and hi hat.
  11. Kevin OConnor

    Donny B. More Back trouble

    Hopes and prayers sent for Donny.
  12. Kevin OConnor

    DW Mag throw

    I use the Trick DS7 snare mechanism and change the snare tension for different songs too.
  13. Kevin OConnor

    OT Anyone hiked the Appalachian Trail ?

    I hiked the southern NY and northern NJ segment of the blue trail many time, but never had time enough to traverse the full trail.
  14. Kevin OConnor

    OT: Just 43 years ago today

    Woodstock music festival was actually held in Bethel, NY. The Daily News in NY has some good pictures. http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/woodstock-43rd-anniversary-gallery-1.1136936 John Fogerty quote concerning the concert: "We were ready to rock out and we waited and waited and...
  15. Kevin OConnor

    Classic Tracks (That Speed Up)

    Meter alterations may enhance emotional impact of a song. The Ramones made a career of that. Some people have graphed the tempo changes for songs too.
  16. Kevin OConnor

    My 2000th Post

    I was a member of Harry Cangany's DCI forum too, but I did not post much at all. I appreciate your input and opinion CSR. Thanks for the link to the old forum!
  17. Kevin OConnor

    OT: "A Whiter Shade Of Pale"

    Quite right ObiWan. http://www.procolharum.com/006/pb-setlist-20.htm I have appreciated his style since Big Country's first album. Have you heard him on this album from Roger Daltrey? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Under_a_Raging_Moon
  18. Kevin OConnor

    OT: "A Whiter Shade Of Pale"

    After forty or so years the music is still relevant. Gary Brooker's voice remains intact Then: http://www.youtube.c...feature=related More recently: http://www.youtube.c...feature=related Two extra verses: &feature=related http://www.procolharum.com/w/w9901.htm Some interesting...
  19. Kevin OConnor

    Cases or bags for canister thrones...

    In addition to duffel/seabag bag, a conga case may work...