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    What beat does the drum intro to Led Zepp Rock & Roll start on?

    here you go, this should clear everything up!
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    Buyers/Sellers Feedback thread for member references (consolidated)

    @Drumming-4-Life. Awesome transaction on the Senn E-602 II microphone! The mic was in pristine condition as advertised and the packing was spot on. Thank you!
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    Sold! Sabian 20" HHX Manhattan Jazz Ride - 1835g

    Hello! Sold!
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    Buyers/Sellers Feedback thread for member references (consolidated)

    @m_anderson huge shoutout and thank you for sending a great Gibraltar throne base. Thank you!!!
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    SOLD - Gibraltar B9608 Throne Base - Brand New

    That’s awesome. I would like to take you up in this offer. I will send you my FedEx account info.
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    Paul Francis left Zildjian?

    Yeah. Nothing to do with music or drumming. Which isn’t always necessarily a bad thing but it usually means a very dry corp approach and implanting changes that alienate the core user base. A company like Gillette operate very differently and their messaging tends to be over the top corporate...
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    Evans UV1 pitting

    Lol. I got them off of sweetwater, so I am pretty certain it isn't some chincy off-brand knockoff.
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    Evans UV1 pitting

    It's their "57" logo. They had a limited(?) run of a G1 with the 57 script logo. Most often found on their calftone series. I am not an Evans historian, so this is my understanding at any rate.
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    Evans UV1 pitting

    I am not a brush player but I find the coating on Evans to be disappointing. This head is after one night of playing. Freshly mounted in the afternoon and 3.5 hours of go later, this is the aftermath. I am not worried about pitting but the lack of adhesion with coating. It never holds up. If I...
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    Sonor Select Force 16x14 floor tom - Galaxy Blue Sparkle

    In case anyone sees or has a floor tom they are looking to unload, let me know! Ideally, I'd like to get it in either first choice, Galaxy Blue sparkle or Galaxy brown sparkle. Thank you!
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    What drum headphones / earbuds are you using?

    I got the two driver version. It's the one MEE recommends for drummers. Since I haven't tried any other models I can't tell you the differences but I am very fond of my set. I switch between comply and my custom earmolds. In rehearsal, I like to use the comply, it's quicker to take in and out...
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    What drum headphones / earbuds are you using?

    https://www.basnaudio.com/products/basn-bmaster-triple-drivers-in-ear-monitor-headphone-black I got a set through drumeo recently and these are very nice too. I used them on a gig this past weekend. Solid isolation using the comply tips. Smooth audio across the frequency.
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    What drum headphones / earbuds are you using?

    Check out Mee Audio. I got mine custom molded. Reasonably priced. If you join the mailing list and wait for the sales, you can get even better deals. Around every major federal holiday, they tend to release good sales. https://pro.meeaudio.com/ I can’t wear ear muff style cans. I get too sweaty...
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    Over-ear headphones for practice/studio

    Oh nice. I didn't know that DirectSound is the mfg'er.
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    Over-ear headphones for practice/studio

    I won these on a raffle, so didn't pay for them. For fun, I have used them a couple of times. They are very good cans and isolation for the $. MSRP of $130. The audio quality is quite good and isolation is what you would expect for over-the-earmuff style headphones. I played with them on a...
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    Zildjian 21” K Custom Special Dry ride

    That's fair. It's a great sounding ride. I'd keep it.
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    Zildjian 21” K Custom Special Dry ride

    That’s duuuurty ride. Great sound. I am always keen on a distinct bell sound too.
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    Best Hardware Manufacturer - Poll

    I will probably be grilled but, the best for me is what ever I need at the moment that is on sale. I have a little something from all the majors and they all work great. I could be happy getting free stuff for life from any of them. Lol.
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Crappy photo of my rehearsal nook.