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  1. rtown

    Fear of damage

    Beautiful kit! Play it, love it, shrug off the battle scars.
  2. rtown

    OT - Your favorite movie of 2022

  3. rtown

    Anyone one else playing this weekend

    Thanks man!
  4. rtown

    Anyone one else playing this weekend

    Had a fun show last night at a local brewery. Here's a few quick clips.
  5. rtown

    Whiplash Backlash

    To be fair, it's a lot of nonsense and I haven't had a enough coffee.
  6. rtown

    Whiplash Backlash

    Obviously J.K. Simmons is a superb actor if he's got you all riled up like this and living rent free in your minds. It's a movie. Yes, you hate him. That's the point. Y'all are weird, lol.
  7. rtown

    22x14 kick drum

    Are you talking un-mic'd? Might be fine for very small indoor venue, but we don't know how loud the rest of the band is. I play a 24x14, but I still mic it with a Shure 52a just to give it some extra presence and so I can hear it via monitor.
  8. rtown

    Anyone one else playing this weekend

    Another fun show at the beach. Cloudy, a little cold, and started drizzling, but that didn't stop us.
  9. rtown

    Who owns only one set of cymbals?

    Nice, I have a similar new beat combo of orphans that are perfect. How's that 16? Does it have a fast decay? Been considering trying that size.
  10. rtown

    Who owns only one set of cymbals?

    They really do! I'm glad I went down that path and collected a pretty sweet set of em.
  11. rtown

    Remo Ambassador vs Evans UV1

    I agree, the Ambs sounds better to my ear. I tried a UV1 on a snare and just did not like the coating. I've been using Evans lately, so it's G1 coated over 300 clear on the Supra and G2 coated over G1 clear on the toms. Emad2 + EQ3 coated/ported on the kick. Works for me.
  12. rtown

    SOLD 20" Zildjian ride cymbal 1960's $89 SOLD

    Any chance I could hear it?
  13. rtown

    Who owns only one set of cymbals?

    I was doing just fine with a set of K Custom Hybrids, but no I just had to go down the vintage A rabbit hole.
  14. rtown

    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    Has probably been said, I can't be bothered to check 50+ pages of posts, but... drum solos. I hate drum solos. Don't want to play them. Don't want to listen to them. I'd imagine most non-drummers don't want to listen to them either.
  15. rtown

    What's the best way to record band rehearsals?

    For just audio, get a Zoom H1 recorder, even an older used one is great and cheap. Put it on a tripod. It will capture very decent audio from the whole room. You can play with the best positioning. I usually have it more pointed at the PA speakers rather than the drums for example. For video as...
  16. rtown

    Hi hat clutch recommendations?

    This one.
  17. rtown

    Why should I use nuts on my cymbals?

    It really just depends your circumstances. I used to use them, but decided I really didn't need to and could save a tiny bit of time. My cymbals aren't flying all over the place. So now I use No Nut Cymbal Sleeves (with felt underneath the cymbal) to ensure they stay put with no metal contact...
  18. rtown

    Ludwig steel snare !

    Also, if you have problems with tensions rods loosening on you like I did on my Supralite, get some TightScrew Non-Loosening Tension Rods and replace the problematic ones. For me it was the few around where I was doing rimshots on the batter side. The rest were fine. It's a good snare once you...
  19. rtown

    Ludwig steel snare !

    I remember an Evans HD Dry working pretty well with my 13x6 Supralite, though, at the moment I would actually prefer to open it up with an Evans coated G1 batter and snare side 300 like I did recently with my Supraphonic.