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  1. Mendozart

    Show your 24” kicks

    This is my favorite, (of four), that I own. Original Blaemire shell, wrapped in white, 14x24 with spun fiberglass hoops to boot. For those that have played a 24” Blaemire or Jenkins-Martin, know what these are all about! ;-)
  2. Mendozart

    Show us your Fiberglass / Composite Snare Drums!!!!

    Glad you are still enjoying this snare! :cool:
  3. Mendozart

    Show us your Fiberglass / Composite Snare Drums!!!!

    I own four J-M snares, and two original Blaemire snares, all different depths, in both 13” and 14” diameters. Here’s a recent pic of my 6.5x13 “Dia de Los Muertos” snare, along with my J-M kit!
  4. Mendozart

    TTO - Christmas Must Be Tonight

    Love this Will! That kit is just sick looking!
  5. Mendozart

    Sonor Jojo Mayer Perfect Balance Signature or DW 5000?

    I’ve been using an original Perfect Balance since 2015, absolutely love it. I did change out the spring for a DW high tension one. I recently picked up a non-folding model, just need to upgrade the spring on it. I like it better than the DW 5000, but I do have a DW 9002 which I use on big Rock gigs.
  6. Mendozart

    So, talk me out of buying a new B Stock Black Beauty compared to an A stock

    I say go for it Dan! Also, if you decide to let it go, down the road, I would like to put my name in first for the great “Dan deal” that you’re known for! ;-)
  7. Mendozart

    Fresh off the press. My new video "How to fix your bass drum head in less than a minute"

    Thanks Dan, this is much easier to carry around than an extra bass drum head.
  8. Mendozart

    The Walnut Stars have landed…

    Nice kit Dan, a bit “Halldoresque”. ;-)
  9. Mendozart

    Beater bounce

    Hey Craig, Glad you figured out your problem. I also use the Perfect Balance pedal, but I didn’t like the loose spring tension. I changed out the spring to a high tension DW spring, love it now. Also, I use a 1/2” hole punch, and add about 6 holes on the reso, ala the DW reso heads, love the...
  10. Mendozart

    Horrible news...our own Mike Layton has passed on.

    This news saddens me so. After years of drum forum friendship, we finally got to meet at the last few Chicago shows. RIP my dear friend. :(
  11. Mendozart

    Identify the wood in this modern George Way shell?

    He’s been posting a few things on FB, but he’s out on his farm (vacation), till September.
  12. Mendozart

    Hollywood Snare

    I asked Kerry about it, he thinks its a WorldMax shell.
  13. Mendozart

    Hollywood Snare

    I’m pretty sure thats a snare that Ronn Dunnett put together for Kerry, to be raffled as a prize at the Hollywood Drum Show. Love that badge!
  14. Mendozart

    Tempus shell bank and Crush red acrylic kit for sale due to health issues....Local NJ sale

    Hoping for all of the best in your health issues, and your drum sales, Bill.
  15. Mendozart

    The Official Jenkins-Martin Thread.

    Haven’t been on here for awhile. PM me.
  16. Mendozart

    Beato Pro 1 14 X 20 Bass Drum Bag Wanted

    Where are you located?
  17. Mendozart

    SOLD---Paiste 18" Signature Traditionals Thin Crash Cymbal

    Want! Any possible trades?
  18. Mendozart

    8 x 14 " toms

    When I built my J-M kit, I went with 7.5x12 and 8.5x14 hanging toms. The 14" tom is awesome!
  19. Mendozart

    Got myself a 50th birthday present

    Wow, congrats on the snare….and your birthday!