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  1. Christopher

    OT NFL Playoffs

    Dog fight
  2. Christopher

    Yamaha part for holding a second cymbal above another cymbal on the one stand

  3. Christopher

    OT NFL Playoffs

    E.A.G.L.E.S - EAGLES!!!
  4. Christopher

    OT NFL Playoffs

  5. Christopher

    OT: Jeff Beck passes

    A true original. And a champion for drummers. Rest in peace. God has another excellent guitarist in the heavenly band.
  6. Christopher

    OT - Bah Humbug!

    I always liked this one.
  7. Christopher

    Stage Presence

    Just simply smiling while playing goes an awfully long way.
  8. Christopher

    Some fun from 1978

    Too cool. And with the one and only Burgess Meredith narrating! (To Rocky) “You're gonna eat lightnin' and you're gonna crap thunder!”
  9. Christopher

    OT It's almost September; time to talk about the baseball postseason

    Phillies! Game 1. In da books!
  10. Christopher

    Revolver (Super Deluxe)

    “As he did on other recent Beatles reissues, George Martin’s son Giles handles production and remixing duties on Revolver. The younger Martin wisely doesn’t calibrate the records for 21st-century ears by adding modern polish and trickery. Instead, his approach involves amplifying the existing...
  11. Christopher

    What? No DFOers Saw Billy Cobham's Current Tour?

    Billy was killing it in Ardmore tonight.
  12. Christopher

    Pre-Play Stretches for Drummers

    Forearm stretches are important too. Put your hands together (praying position), rotate so your fingertips point at your chest, and gently push outward.
  13. Christopher

    NFL 2022 !!!

  14. Christopher

    What? No DFOers Saw Billy Cobham's Current Tour?

    I’ll be at the last show in Ardmore. Can’t wait.
  15. Christopher

    nickrobotron's Paiste setups. (Do you play Paiste?)

    I had Paistes when I was a teenager. Loved them. But, I broke them. All. 2002 and Signature crashes. And they were very pricey to a kid that worked after school in a gas station. Went to Sabian as they proved to be more durable. For decades now, I’ve had Zildjian A Custom crashes. I just...
  16. Christopher

    Are High-End Drums a Giant Waste of Money?

    I feel the market is really the final say in things like this. If folks are willing to pay for high end instruments, then they are worth the money to them. Simple as that. I have several high end snare drums including stuff from DW, British Drum Company, and Noble & Cooley. Do they all sound...
  17. Christopher

    Video snippet of first rehearsal with my new AHMs.

    They sound excellent!
  18. Christopher

    What's Your Latest Drum Purchase?

    I found a good deal on a PDP Concept Maple Classic. 26, 13, 16. Digging them. Did a recording test just to see how they sound under mics.
  19. Christopher

    2 sets of my trio on Youtube

    Sounds excellent. Snare sounds particularly good. Can you share about the drum, heads, and tuning?