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    I want to get a set of 5 Roto Toms for my set. How feasible is this?

    I did, took my time, saved and watched. Stebe Weiss has affordable roto toms. I have 6, 8, 10. 12, 14, and 16" over a 22" Remo bass. Fun to play and mess with. They're not Remos but for the price worth it. I put Remo clear pinstripes on them and they sound great.
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    Ag Agree, I love the New Orleans....
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    What kind of signature sticks do you have that make it more fun to drum?

    I love my Dave Weckl sticks. Really like the wood tip, but the nylon tip good too.
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    Damn...sorry for posting so many...

    Don't anyone else that may appreciate. This is great I'll stop now....!
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    Great drum off (I know it's posted before)

    I love seeing the different set ups and styles
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    Louis Bellson for the holidays...

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    What Are Your Favorite Drum Introductions?(not the best or most complicated)

    Have always loved Children of Sanchez
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    What was your favorite music store as a kid?

    Mel Bay in St. Louis, and Drum Headquarters...both sadly gone
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    EBAY/CL/FACEBOOK/other sites DEAL ALERTS for vintage drums!

    I almost posted this too
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    Like the drum work on this...

    This is by Christina Vane. A brief search didn't reveal who the drummer is, but I like his playing, and nice cymbals too.
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    EBAY/CL/FACEBOOK/other sites DEAL ALERTS for vintage drums!

    That price will go through the roof. Speed king pedal. Any known name goes high...I think a lot of people don't factor in shipping. I've seen drums go for ridiculous prices sometimes
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    Amazon deals thread

    I think it's hit or miss. I ordered and received both hats on my order. Depends on who is filling order in warehouse probably.
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    Beatles Get Back documentary

    I loved it. Interesting to see Ringo's patience as they worked songs out
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    Is this a WFL snare?

    Yea, that's where I was looking. Every once in while something good shows up
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    Is this a WFL snare?

    I I had a feeling that was the case. Thank you.
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    Is this a WFL snare?

    This is listed as a WFL snare...no other information. It's a 6 lug drum. I don't know enough to tell. What do others think? And what do you think it's worth?
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    New member saying hello

    Some good podcasts: The Modern Drummer Drum Candy Breakfast with Vinnie Nondrum podcasts that are often intetesting: The Working Songwriter Broken Record with Rick Rubin Drum Candy often has product comparisons, how to's, etc
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    SOLD ***Zildjian new beat hi hats excellent cond.

    Damn, giving this serious thought. May be reaching out to you this weekend after paying bills.