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  1. shilohjim

    Bass drum into larger bag?

    I play a 14x20 and have a Beato Pro I in that size, and although it fits, I prefer the ease of dropping the drum into a 14x22 bag.
  2. shilohjim

    Liability insurance required for wedding gig?

    During particularly aggressive playing, a loosely fastened cymbal could fly off the stand and decapitate someone.
  3. shilohjim

    RIP Alan White

    Told some great stories at the Beatles Convention years back. Great player, will surely be missed RIP Alan. .
  4. shilohjim

    Semi-OT Sheryl

    The woman has been in countless "relationships" since she broke onto the scene. I don't begrudge her anything. Use it if you got it.
  5. shilohjim

    Pearl wood fiberglass reissue..

    A 20-12-14 wood fiberglass is my main gigging kit. I did have the bearing edges recut on the 20", because I thought the full roundover edge made the drum sound too muted, even with non-muffled heads. The kit sounds perfect now and well balanced.
  6. shilohjim

    8 Bands Who Were Considered to be the Next Beatles, But Could Never Fill Their Shoes

    The Byrds might have been influenced by The Beatles, with the Ric 12-string and all, but those first 5 albums were seminal works that stand toe to toe with anything ever produced.
  7. shilohjim

    Tell me about Pearl Sensitone Snares Plz

    Don't know about the Black Magic or World Max, but all Pearl metal shells are made in house at the factory in Taichung.
  8. shilohjim

    Ludwig atlas mounts fitting into cases?

    Any mount with the wingnut to the outside instead of the inside is a poor design.
  9. shilohjim

    very odd video of DAVE CLARK FIVE "Concert in London"... only slightly live... good ROGERS shots!

    Every "live" video I've seen of them is lip synched. I saw one that I thought was truly live but it turned out that just the vocals were. For all the crap The Monkees got about studio players on their albums, the fact is they played as a real live band from the start, warts and all. Still, the...
  10. shilohjim

    The Toughest-to-Take Drummer Firings of All Time

    Really, how much skill do you really need to play the Foster-era Chicago wuss tunes?
  11. shilohjim

    RIP John Burks, my Dad

    My deepest condolences. My dad, himself a journalist, was an avid reader of Rolling Stone, and we still have most of the issues, so I am very familiar with your father's work. May he rest in peace, and may you find comfort in your memories of him.
  12. shilohjim

    Tears for Fears....sounding better than ever.

    I remember receiving an advance cassette of Songs From the Big Chair just before Christmas 1984, and fell in love with it instantly. It was so good that I had no doubt it was going to be huge when it was released, which it was. They could have been the biggest band in the world, but failed to...
  13. shilohjim

    Tom mounts - Which system is best, and why?

    I would never even consider a drum set where the toms were mounted anywhere but the bass drum.
  14. shilohjim

    ludwig standard astros

    I've owned 3 sets of Standards. All three had mahogany outer plies with the granitone interiors.
  15. shilohjim

    Cheaper bass drum pedals?

    My Pearl P100 is my cheapest pedal, and the one I use all the time. I keep my strap drive Iron Cobra nearby in case of breakage, but have never had to use it. The P100 feels perfect.
  16. shilohjim

    Sir Paul Concert Prices...

    A lot of times, the Ticketmaster site will take you to a secondary seller. If you lurk around, you'll see that one of the pages has real tiny text at the bottom that says, "A Ticketmaster Company".
  17. shilohjim

    Help identifying Pearl snare request #897,237

    The model # is SK900.
  18. shilohjim

    Help identifying Pearl snare request #897,237

    That is a steel shelled student model, circa 1998-2005ish. I would have come with a black plastic hard case, stand, pad and sticks. I bought one of these for my son when he joined school band, and it sat around for years after that. Put a calfskin head on it, and the thing just kills. So much...
  19. shilohjim

    Originals or covers?

    I prefer well done originals, but will consider covers as long as it's not hack stuff like Skynyrd.
  20. shilohjim

    Sound Formula: Round Logo, or Frankenlogo?

    I have both. I prefer the round logo rides, but much prefer the Frankenlogo crashes. They open up easier. Love the round logo SE hats too.