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    Your Personal Drumming Maxims?

    Don't disturb the groove! (Oooh, but what if I just add a little AAAAAARGGG, I RUINED IT AGAIN!)
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    What is this piece of hardware? Mystery part.

    Those look like beam clamps. Not sure about a drumset use. Is there a threaded hole through the bottom? I've used something similar to hang backdrops on a frame. Maybe a small percussion mount?
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    Tips for playing evenly?

    How about this for a half-baked theory by a hack: The reason you're hearing each hand start its bounces could be that there isn't enough overlap with the last few rebounds of the previous hand. Each hand's multiple bounces might be fine on their own, but it seems to me a smooth-sounding roll...
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    New Member Here

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    New Acquisition: Yamaha Maple Custom 14 X 4.5

    If I'm reading the Yamaha dating webpage right, HN indicates July of 1981? https://faq.yamaha.com/usa/s/article/U0004177 They do just about everything else, but who knew Yamaha had a dating service?
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    Bands that needed to hire another drummer to record one track because their drummer wasn’t getting it right

    I remember reading about a young Ged Lynch getting the call for a Peter Gabriel session, walking into the studio, looking at the board and seeing a strip labeled "Steve", knowing it was Gadd, and not immediately faking an injury or just bolting from the room and changing his phone number, as I...
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    Got my first proper gig - any tips?!

    Kudos for keeping your cool and being prepared with a spare, to the person who knew where the spare was, and to the singer for keeping the patter going long enough for you to get rolling again. That was seamless! The crowd never knew there was a problem.
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    Got my first proper gig - any tips?!

    Congrats on the gig! I'm trying to remember what one piece of advice I would have benefitted from hearing on my first gig, and I think it might be to appear confident. It's easier said than done, but if you act like it's your thousand and first instead of your first, you'll relax yourself, the...
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    How to build an interesting solo

    Ha, that's really good. I wanted to hop on the train when it pulled into the station at 4:30, just to see where it's going. He's really painting a picture with those brushes.
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    Moeller technique videos

    This Bruce Becker Drumeo vid is nicely presented.
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    F for spelling ...

    I once bought a "Pearl symbol" from a newspaper ad. It was actually a Paiste cymbal, with the script logo. In the seller's defense, he did spell Pearl correctly, even though it wasn't a Pearl cymbal, and that script logo is a bit hard to read, which may have been a marketing error on Paiste's...
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    Right. I forgot "replaced" sounds on my wish list. I know Mario can really play, but only because of relatively unprocessed Youtube solo videos. I wouldn't be so sure, judging solely by Gojira recordings. I don't know the style as well as you, but I'm sure you're right about the drum sounds...
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    I don't listen to a lot of music in that style, and when I do I appreciate the high skill level involved, but I usually wish that it weren't tuned, timed and squished quite so hard. Mario is a great player, but he wouldn't need to be quite as good as he is to make that recording. It's snapped to...
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    What’s up with my kids?

    My buddy's music school used a cheapo stencil kit for lessons for years. He sold the stencil kit one day, and temporarily replaced it with his studio's Sonor SQ2 kit for a few weeks. So the kids went from playing their lessons on a $200 kit to a $X,000 kit with vastly better hardware and...
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    Music Today Is About Cost Cutting

    I bet if Mr. Brown had come out wearing an acoustic guitar and sang to the same tracks, there would have been much less complaining. He wouldn't even need to be plugged in. The idea that he is 'playing an instrument' might be enough to create the illusion that 'music is being performed here' in...
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    Music Today Is About Cost Cutting

    I guess this is the logical culmination of the trend. A band playing live doesn't cut it in the marketplace anymore, because people are used to hearing everything tuned and timed on recordings, so you give in to technology a little bit. First you're playing subtle supplemental tracks, low in...
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    More volume from a 16x20 kick drum

    If it's just in your practice room, what about turning the kit toward the wall? I bet you'll hear more kick drum. Most of the energy goes out the front of a bass drum, I presume, so bouncing it back to you might be a simple solution that doesn't cost anything and doesn't require you to change...
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    Your Favorite 13" Hats

    Mine would be the sweet little UFIP 13's in the local L+M (Canadian GC), which I coveted mercilessly for all of 1988 and half of '89, and visited weekly until I had finally saved up enough to rationalize pulling the trigger on them, at which point I rushed back to the store to find them, of...
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    Confirmed: DW sold to Roland

    This is a screencap from the online magazine. https://www.moderndrummer.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/md10.pdf Not sure if it's higher-res than the ad, but it sure looks like a it has an added flat base, as suggested. Pretty good idea, actually. I can see a use for such a thing, especially...
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    Low volume bass beater

    I keep a Vater Vintage Bomb in my stick bag, and I use it a fair bit. For me, it's the answer for situations when I want a bass drum sound with plenty of tone and some sustain, but not a lot of volume or punch. Big band stuff, certain singer-songwriter situations, lots of low-volume, unmic'd...