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    I thought we were a gang!

    Cymbals? We don’t need no stinking cymbals!
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    What drum skill, or piece, was your ‘most challenging’ to play.

    The Jeopardy version of my answer…”What is the entire Rush catalog?”
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    Why did Ludwig stop making...

    It would kind of neat to see the “New Yorker” kits with the shallower bass drums added to the production line. Bun had a cool kit a few years back.
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    Small Collection of Snares

    Collection looks wonderful. Thread started in 2021. Have you made any progress learning how to play all this gear?
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    What's Your Latest Drum Purchase?

    Bright rays of sunshine inside too.:headbang:
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    What's Your Latest Drum Purchase?

    Nothing too exciting. Gig bag for my cymbals.
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    Stuntmen falling into drums

    Chevy Chase playing the roles of drum and stuntman…
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    I want to get a set of 5 Roto Toms for my set. How feasible is this?

    I know they’re not quite the same but INDe’s Timba Toms are available from 6”-16”. Might be another option. YMMV.
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    OT: Scotch Whisky

    Laprhroaig 10, 18 or 24. Usually take it neat with a small glass of ice water on the side. Can’t recall the last time I bought a bottle. Always seem to get bottles as gifts. Luckily, I associate with enablers.
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    Generation gap…or..maybe we just sucked..

    That kind of sucks. I wouldn’t sweat it too much. It’s a Friday night gig in the middle of January. College kids returning to classes/campus after the winter break. Plenty of phones to distract the patrons. Hit ‘em with a 20 minute drum solo next time. Have some fun while the zombie drunks...
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    Holy Grail cymbals

    Pretty satisfied with my set of 2002s. Probably don’t “need” more cymbals but it would be cool to have a few other flavors available for some different sounds. Wouldn’t mind having some other Paistes in the stash. Maybe a couple of GB multis. Maybe some 602 hats. No real urgent need to grab...
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    True or false: few things speak more volumes about a person without saying anything than a drummer’s personal setup.

    Well, my kit is aluminum, main snare is aluminum, stands/hardware is aluminum. I guess people can assume I either have an allergy to wood or I’m a titan of the recycling industry. Totally metal, Dude.:headbang:
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    2023 Chicago Vintage Drum Show

    Planning on going the the show this year. Don’t really “need” anything but…
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    Hello from northern Indiana

    Welcome to a fellow Hoosier! Haven’t been on this board very long but it’s a fun group of guys and gals here at DFO. Gotten some good advice and learned quite a bit since I joined. Cheers
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    What's Your Latest Drum Purchase?

    Thanks! Went back and forth between the CM and a Supra. Both sounded fantastic but I didn’t have a wood snare in the stash. I’m thinking Emperor/Ambassador for the heads. Anything has to be better than the Dynaton heads that were shipped with it.
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    OT: Jeff Beck passes

    Awful news. Saw him several times. One of my favorite shows ever was Jeff & SRV at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago. Absolute monster of a guitar player. Godspeed JB.
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    What's Your Latest Drum Purchase?

    New snare day. Ludwig CM 6.5x14. So far, so good. Should be better with new heads. Nice companion for my Acrolite.
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    What's Your Latest Drum Purchase?

    Two for one today…Drum Seeker gig bag for my Acro. Also a new Emperor batter. Couple more deliveries tomorrow.
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    What have you got on order now ?

    Another throne and a couple snare gig bags. Oh…and my second snare drum should be arriving this week.
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    New (to me) kit!

    Congrats! That’s a great looking kit. Put on a cowl and a cape when you play them. Serious Batman vibe happening there.