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    Favorite albums

    Rolling Stones- Exile On Main St./ Sticky Fingers Santana- 3 Kansas - 2 For The Show Frank Zappa- Hot Rats/ Live In New York/YCDTOS#2 Roxy Music - Viva Roxy Allman Bros.- Fillmore East/Eat A Peach/Shades of Two Worlds Gov't Mule- Live With A Little Help Dire Straits/ Live Alchemy...
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    McMAHON DRUM STUDIO Indianapolis

    I do not. I do remember when Kenny Aronoff did his first drum clinic at Fred's Drums in 81 (Aronoff was using a Slingerland set then) he heartily endorsed Louie McMahon as a drum instructor to all in the store.
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    RICK'S DRUMS Indianapolis

    Fred's eventually moved into a small (tiny) strip mall (from the house location) just north of the railroad tracks on Franklin Rd and just a few blocks north of Pendleton Pike. East side of Franklin Rd.. Strip mall is still there. That location of Fred's became Rick's. Rick's moved in late 1994...
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    McMAHON DRUM STUDIO Indianapolis

    McMahon closed in late 1990 when louie died.
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    Nigel Olsson

    No dis to Nigel.....But I have always loved Dee Murray's playing. WRT the Levon clip,as the kids are wont to say; That bass is the $_h_i-t!
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    What Are You Listening To?

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    Neil Peart's badassest fill

    By-Tor and The Snow Dog.
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    Stop Saying "Internet Drummers" Aren't "Real Drummers"

    You may have misinterpreted my reason(s) for my contribution to the thread. My response was an "Oh Really ?" to the naysayers. Diana Mikheeva is the genuine article as far as I'm concerned.
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    Stop Saying "Internet Drummers" Aren't "Real Drummers"

    Speaking of playing covers as lame......I must say this young woman may be playing a cover,but the discipline,ears and dexterity involved definitely says/shows she can handle a live band effort. She has picked an interesting and challenging couple of covers.
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    Black Sabbath's 9-Drummer Timeline: Who's Your Favorite After Bill Ward?

    No mention of Bobby Rondinelli? From Cross Purposes, 1994:
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    When bass and the drums are so tight...

    This is a recent discovery.
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    AVH Drumming on “Jump” Solo

    Listening to the above Missing Persons tunes,it's obvious they had an influence upon Rush.
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    Trey on Butch Trucks

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    What Are You Listening To?

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    TOOL is in the studio, Evans (and others) share a pic of Danny's kit at the studio

    I like Tool. I think D Carey is the strong point within the band,but I don't consider them prog at all. If anything,I think of them as simply heavily influenced by Black Sabbath and do not consider Sabbath prog either. Their last couple of albums seems to have a number of songs repeated and/or...
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    A Bass drum box is a non-conveyable item. It is quickly packed into a baggage cart crammed with other items. At input,that box is quickly thrown/pitched onto the belt. If the person at input is a diminutive individual,that box will be rolled over and over at a distance of 3-5 ft from the ULD to...