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  1. rondrums

    Not sure I like the new format

    No sensible reason for the change. The old format was fine. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  2. rondrums

    New Compact StickBag

    That's nice, but it wouldn't work for me. I carry everything but the kitchen sink in my stick bag. A dozen different pairs of sticks, 3-4 different kinds of brushes, mallets, and a shitload of parts and accessories. Enjoy it. Play what you like!:occasion5:
  3. rondrums

    Metal wire brushes or nylon brushes, which do you prefer?

    Wire usually, for jazz playing, but nylon (Regal Tip Whiskers) when I want more sound out of the cymbals. I've also found that the Regal Tip Whiskers work better for really fast tempo brush playing. They rebound faster. Something to do with balance, and the difference in sound is negligible...
  4. rondrums

    14" vs 15" Hats

    15's have all kinds of advantages. For one thing, they're a bit bigger, so if you have long legs, you can put the hi hat stand a little farther away and still reach them with the sticks. They also have a fuller sound, which is a big deal for rock players. My 15's are old early 60's...
  5. rondrums

    Gretsch 3 ply-removing old wrap glue

    I had an old unwrapped Gretsch bass drum shell with the same problem: chunks of glue all over it that were hard as a rock. I called my local drum refinishing guy, and he told me to brush acetone on the shell to soften up the glue, and then take the blades out of a razor blade knife and use them...
  6. rondrums

    Questions for brush people

    The snare drum doesn't matter, as long as the batter head has some rough coat on it and the drum has a decent shell for projection. What matters is learning the art of brush playing, which is no small endeavor. You have to study the masters: Vernell Fournier, Denzil Best, Philly Joe Jones, et...
  7. rondrums

    Daddy's Junky Music

    Yes, they have a lot of junk, but they also have some good prices on used pro drum kits, snares, cymbals. etc. They used to be local pickup only, but apparently they've gone Internet. You have to scroll through a lot of stuff to find the deals, but they're in there: Check it out...
  8. rondrums

    Bass Hoop Help

    If I recall, vintage mahogany finish Slings had mahogany stained hoops to match (with a chrome inlay?). Precision Drum can make one for you. They can match anything. It won't be cheap, but it will be worth it.
  9. rondrums

    Vintage Sonor tensioner nuts

    The teardrop lugs had a hex nut inside them. I assume that's what you're talking about. They're metric thread, not uncommon. Take one to your neighborhood hardware store, and they should be able to match it.
  10. rondrums

    Who is the drummer on "It's All Right" The Impressions?

    That wouldn't surprise me. Grady is a great player, not just a jazz player. He did great groove stuff, too. He's also a great singer. But we still don't know for sure.......!
  11. rondrums

    Slightly OT: Jazz Guitar Lessons

    I think it sounds interesting, although I can't imagine why "brothas" didn't like Stan Getz. I have a jazz guitar, and I work on jazz chords and jazz tunes. It's a long learning process, but I think it's beneficial for a drummer to play a melodic instrument.
  12. rondrums

    How It All Started

    I started out on clarinet in 7th grade, but after ensemble practice, I would go up to the drum section and play on the snare drums. The band director heard me one day and immediately told me to lose the clarinet and get in the drum section. School orchestra and marching band gave me technique...
  13. rondrums

    Calling Rich from Custom Drumsticks

    I sent him some discontinued Johnny Rabb sticks a couple of years ago that he said he could replicate. I never heard back from him. I think he's busy with other stuff, and he doesn't have a lot of time for stick making.
  14. rondrums

    Drums have evolved ... to what?

    Here's a drummer who creates a musical composition when he solos. Similar to Max Roach. The great Frankie Dunlop: &feature=player_embedded#at=217
  15. rondrums

    Who is the drummer on "It's All Right" The Impressions?

    Somebody knows the answer...................?
  16. rondrums

    Who is the drummer on "It's All Right" The Impressions?

    That's a good titbit of information. And yes, it was a bitch on your right hand, keeping up a fast 12/8. And yes, the single stroke rolls on that track are right on, and very difficult to execute without losing the groove. The question remains: Who was the drummer?
  17. rondrums

    Saw this Gretsch kit @ GC

    Exactly. And "silly" is the correct term.
  18. rondrums

    MMMMM Lemony fresh Luddies

    Look at that price--$352! My, how the world has changed!
  19. rondrums

    60's Slingy bass spur question

    This was the problem with all of the old Slingy spurs and tom mounts. The wing screw was tapped directly into the casting--a bad idea, because the castings were made from soft metal. Sooner or later, they would strip out. Yeah, a hose clamp will help--temporarily. When I had an old Slingy...
  20. rondrums

    Drums have evolved ... to what?

    Of course, it's an "instrument." Think of all the great geniuses who took this instrument to the height of perfection. Billy Gladstone comes to mind. How about Max Roach or Joe Morello? The super/technical/speed guys you refer to may have added to the problem, but I think it's mostly bad...