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    What's Your Latest Drum Purchase?

    My late 70’s is incredible! You can’t go wrong with those drums
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    What's Your Latest Drum Purchase?

    Other than a few parts, the latest drum purchase is a 60’s Progressive Jazzer, with all tags. Matches the Lange Gladstone perfectly and sings like it should.
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    What's Your Latest Drum Purchase?

    There is a video somewhere (YouTube maybe) of Tama painting these drums, it’s an unbelievably cool process
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    The Quest to lighten the kit + diminishing returns

    I too gave up the double braced hardware as I am not touring and bashing anymore. I have used the DW 6000 series since the day it came out. I love it! Purchased the A&F hardware to get something lightweight and a little more stable, it is awesome! Now I’m looking at their Featherweight series...
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    Sentimental value of gear!

    The Acrolite my dad bought me in the mid 70’s and the late 70’s Tama Superstars I busted my butt to afford and toured with. Other than those, everything has a price.
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    Most affordable snare stand with extra wide basket

    The A&F comes in two sizes and are fantastic! I have two and now it’s all I use. They’re $159 but sometimes you don’t get what you want, you get what you need.
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    Thinking about buying a wood snare drum

    I have many snares of all makes and materials. The one that stopped me in my tracks was the new Ludwig Classic Maple.
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    Pedal succession

    The new DW5000 series will feel like the Gretsch/Camco pedal but fit new hoops.
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    Lightweight but stable hardware.

    I ran the DW6000 hardware for years, love it. But as you mentioned, to get the stability the legs are bit long. And frankly the snare, HH and left cymbal stand had a lot of overlap. At the Chicago Drum Show this spring, I was able to see the A&F hardware in person...
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    RB Gretsch Rewrap

    I didn’t see if these are original Merlot Sparkle. If so, no way I’d touch them. If you’re not happy with them, sell and buy orphans you can do what you want. If it’s not the original wrap, the s it’s a personal call. Side note: Gary at Precision Drum can order WMP “aged” in whatever level of...
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    Who Is the Best Drummer You've Seen This Year?

    Keith Carlock followed by Russ Kunkle
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    How to behave like a pro ?

    Be early Be sober Be prepared musically Have everything you need ready to set up Have extra snare and bass drum batter heads in their cases Listen with your ears open and mouth closed If your name isn’t on the ticket, don’t try to be the star Nobody likes arrogance or “that guy” so don’t...
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    I Hate Virgin Bass Drums and the Resulting Need for Stand Mounted Toms

    I don’t hear a difference in the bass drum, but depending on the mount, to me it will kill the resonance of a tom. That’s why I use snare stands for vintage Walbergh rail with diamond plate Gretsch/Slingerland and Indie brackets on Ludwig.
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    Wrap, Lacquer, or satin?

    When properly applied the wrap bonds to the shell and becomes one with no sonic difference. Precision sells 3m glue that won’t melt the wraps, and bonds correctly. And stay away from hardware store contact cement, as it may work for one wrap and melt another.
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    Wrap, Lacquer, or satin?

    Gigging kit: wrap Living room queen: beautiful wood Studio: what sound’s better
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    New purchase. Is this worth mentioning?

    I probably wouldn’t ask for any $ back, but I would nicely let the seller know he should be more transparent. Maybe the next buyer won’t be as cool.
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    What's Your Latest Drum Purchase?

    A&F hardware (HH, Snare, Cymbals) at the Chicago Show. Last drum was a 4x14 Lange Gladstone
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    Fantasy Fill-In, One Song, Which Band?

    Rolling Stones - Lovin’ Cup Or Cheap Trick - Downed or He’s a Whore
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    Concert Toms are Back

    Hal Blaine approves
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    Does anyone else NOT like 16" floor toms?

    What I have found is with box drums (depth and diameter the same) depending on the bearing edge, I need to use a heavier head on the reso. Yes, Ambassador on batter and Emperor on reso (I cringed initially too). Takes the unwanted overtones right out and allows me to have a wide tuning range...