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  1. GretschMan61

    Best Snare Stand to Use With a Rack Tom?

    I have been using the Tama Classic series tom stand since they came out , and there is really no issues to report whatsoever . No choking , lightweight , easy to position . Just a no brainer folks . It also doesn’t cost an arm and a leg .
  2. GretschMan61

    Dream kits: Back to the Future

    I have come full circle back to Gretsch last year after owning a variety of different brands . I was like the OP in that Tama was never on my radar until recently , not that noted Tama FanBoy Murat has not tried . Finally I started with a new band that required me to buy a drum set with some...
  3. GretschMan61

    Gretsch 140th anniversary

    I bought my USA Custom last year . The whole Anniversary thing is just marketing blah blah .
  4. GretschMan61

    Anton Figs Anton Fig snare

    I have always wanted one of the original Yamaha Peter Erskine signature snares . They come up for sale so rarely .
  5. GretschMan61

    Show us your Fiberglass / Composite Snare Drums!!!!

    That is fibreglass
  6. GretschMan61

    Crack(s) in finish - new Gretsch USA Custom

    Seppo at TRS Custom Drums is the authorized Gretsch repair Depot for Canada and he is 5 minutes drive from my house . I have seen him repair far worse issues with finishes on Gretsch kits than the OP has experienced. Recently he had a walnut lacquer kit come in that looked like the person had...
  7. GretschMan61

    Where did Vistalite Black go?

    JDA has also migrated over to the Drummerworld forum and has started his tedious crap there too . That guy has an expiry date for sure over there .
  8. GretschMan61

    Need Help with TAMA

    Best bet would be to look for a used kit - maybe a Tama Starclassic maple or Birch/Bubinga or Walnut/Birch ; another option would be the Gretsch Renown . There are a ton of these different kits out there and they made wrap versions of the Tama if you insist on a wrap .
  9. GretschMan61

    are the 3000 & Dimensions Series similar at all?

    Another very underrated model from Paiste is the Innovations . Russ Kunkel was a big fan of them .
  10. GretschMan61

    are the 3000 & Dimensions Series similar at all?

    The Dimensions are my favourite b8 alloy cymbal Paiste has ever made . I had a full set of them back when they were current . Not exactly sure why I sold them because I really liked them . I have been buying a few lately to make amends .
  11. GretschMan61

    Paiste Dimensions Thin Crashes + Power China RARE

    PM sent on the 18” thin crash
  12. GretschMan61

    Let's show our Regal Tip stash

    I came late to the game with the JC stick . I loved it for my Big Band gigs . I donated two large shopping bags if lightly used Regal Tip sticks just before Regal Tip went dark to a local high school . Wish I had kept them , oh well the kids appreciate them .
  13. GretschMan61

    What drum skill, or piece, was your ‘most challenging’ to play.

    Still working on Gary Chester’s New Breed, what a great book and system . It really makes me think and concentrate . Maybe the most challenging thing I have found to date other than studying polyrhythms with Peter Magadini .
  14. GretschMan61

    Tama Club Jam Pancake Kit

    I had a DW Low Pro - the Toms sounded pretty good , the bass drum and SNOM were awful . It was also pretty flimsy when it came to stability . I strongly recommend avoiding the Low Pro .
  15. GretschMan61

    Mapex V

    That kit and your white one are my two favourites of your kits
  16. GretschMan61

    DFO's own Eric Sooy on Drum History Podcast!

    Eric is a great guy and he makes wonderful instruments . He has a wicked sense of humour too .
  17. GretschMan61

    The One Drum set days

    There are times I miss the days when I owned just one drum kit . When I first joined Harry Cangany’s DCI forum I had one drum set . I was shocked and awed that so many drummers owned more than one kit . I became one of those drummers with multiple kits . There are days when I just feel like...
  18. GretschMan61

    For those that gig small bass drums (14"-16" dia.), do you bring a drum rug?

    Always take a rug . You will be chasing that bass drum all night if you don’t.
  19. GretschMan61

    Ludwig Classic Maple drum value help

    $200 max would be my estimate too
  20. GretschMan61


    Keep your eye out for a used Yamaha Beech Custom kit . They can usually be had for a pretty reasonable price .