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  1. gmiller598

    Seating a snare side head

    For any head, I just get it finger tight tension, press down on the center a bit and then makes sure it is finger tight again before applying even tension around the head.
  2. gmiller598

    Assault Charges Against Tools Danny Carey Dropped

    I'd forgotten about this. Not sure what set it off but I think he was drunk and belligerent with airport security after a Chiefs game.
  3. gmiller598

    OT NFL Playoffs

    Who Dey!
  4. gmiller598

    OT NFL Playoffs

    I'm not mad about the event. I'm mad the NFL went out of their way to change the rule to possibly benefit the Bills but didn't once consider the impact on the other team impacted by this. There was already a rule written in the books on how to handle a game cancellation and they ignored it to...
  5. gmiller598

    OT NFL Playoffs

    I'm not sure why people are getting pissy over the Miami Dolphins. Orlovsky explains the situation in the video on the tweet. As a former NFL QB I trust that he understands what goes into making a call like that and he told it like it was. The Dolphins had no business being in that game...
  6. gmiller598

    OT NFL Playoffs

    The Bills are overrated. Allen turns over the ball a ton and I believe if the Hamlin situation had not occurred, the Bengals were well on their way to smoking the Bills that night. The Dolphins and their offense couldn't do anything and they still stayed in that game. Now that they got past the...
  7. gmiller598

    OT NFL Playoffs

  8. gmiller598

    First time tuning a tom: did I scale it correctly?

    I was going to say it sounded a bit sharp in relation to the others. Dropping the pitch slightly should blend between the 2 more evenly.
  9. gmiller598

    OT NFL Playoffs

    It's time for the Bengals to finally get vengeance on the Niners. 3rd time is a charm.
  10. gmiller598

    Vinnie with Les

    I say this with love because I'm a big man myself. A LOT of cheeseburgers.
  11. gmiller598

    Neil Peart Died Three Years Ago Today

    It wasn't too long after. Maybe a year? The band stopped in 2015 and he fought for 3 1/2 years before he passed. He definitely didn't get to enjoy retirement the way he deserved.
  12. gmiller598

    Lonestar Percussion Closed. I did not know.

    Not sure how true this is but I heard the owner stepped away in retirement and his kids took over. They essentially ran it into the ground.
  13. gmiller598

    Lonestar Percussion Closed. I did not know.

    They were taking orders and not fulfilling them. Lots of schools had open purchase orders with them. The issue is that a school won't open another purchase order with another retailer until the prior purchase order can be closed. When Lone Star stopped responding lots of schools with open...
  14. gmiller598

    OT Just No Longer Interested in Football

    If they were doing oxygen during the CPR it should have kept the oxygen flow to his brain. Hopefully it is minimal if at all since I doubt he was even close to 9 minutes without oxygen. It's terrible this happened but if it does the NFL is the best possible place it could have happened with the...
  15. gmiller598

    The relationships between furniture manufacturers and Musical Instrument companies

    Sorry. that is what I meant. They were already making drumsticks but the purchase of that facility included the salt and pepper mills because the machinery was there so they kept doing it.
  16. gmiller598

    The relationships between furniture manufacturers and Musical Instrument companies

    If I'm not mistaken, wasn't the only way they got into that business was that they bought a milling factory in Maine to make sticks that was already making them so they kept that part of the business running?
  17. gmiller598

    OT - Live albums you’re on

    DMB Live Trax Volume 16 from Riverbend in 2000 and I guess technically every Phish concert I've been to since 2003 since they release live downloads of every concert. I do see my head on their DVD from the IT Festival in 2003.
  18. gmiller598

    Not sure I dig my Speed Cobra BD pedal. Thinking I should try out some short board direct-drive pedals. Recommendations?

    I believe the board on the Speed Cobra is essentially the same length as the Dyna Sync. I have a Dyna Sync single pedal. I love it because it has a longer board than my Ludwig Atlas double pedal.
  19. gmiller598

    OT - bands or artists you’ve soured to.

    Fair enough. I may be a bit grumpy as well because I've had a stomach bug since Saturday and haven't left my house. I apologize if I got grumpy too. Water under the bridge. It's all good. I'm always willing to have good conversation on any topic regardless if I agree with it or not but that...
  20. gmiller598

    OT - bands or artists you’ve soured to.

    I'm not going to get baited into a discussion on my personal feelings about someone that apparently offended you. I said he was accused of antisemitism and that isn't a lie. Disagree if you like. You seem to be the only person taking issue. I'm not talking politics. I'm talking about why I don't...