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  1. Azoth

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Not my studio, but I believe so. Just a sectional he made IIRC.
  2. Azoth

    How do you know when to fill...and what fill to play?

    One of many good tips I've received over the years: "Don't try to cram 5 pounds of sand in a 4 lb bag."
  3. Azoth

    Silly question but why is wine red wrap mainly used on low tier kits?

    Just a guess, but it's probably the best color to hide imperfections in the wood and still show some grain.
  4. Azoth

    Perils of gigging for weekend warriors list

    1. The only damage I've had with drums was before I had a cymbal case, and dropped a splash on the concrete when unloading. User error. Otherwise, nobody touches my kit except me. 2. No one can steal my drums as long as I'm sitting behind them. : ) 3. When I don't get paid, I know that before...
  5. Azoth

    In defense of cover songs

    I'm not really into cover bands, but I was offered a job with one late last year. I looked over their extensive set list and most of the covers they...covered were fairly uncommon, which I thought was cool. Ultimately, I declined. As a listener, I don't mind covers as long as they're not songs...
  6. Azoth

    Quit your career and just drum full time?

    I'm fairly active in the local scene, and have a gained a rep for "the drummer to go to" (big fish small pond thing), so I'm pretty happy. That said, I have a decent paying job with all the perks, so it'd be hard to jump ship unless I had an offer for a "big fish in a big pond" sort of set up...
  7. Azoth

    Yelling 'Play Freebird' at a Concert

    This is 2022. I yell “Wagon Wheel!” now.
  8. Azoth

    When would you not use vintage drums?

    It’s one of the few instruments (like guitars) where I see them as tools only. Fun tools, but tools nonetheless. For some reason, it’s different with acoustic guitars. That I can appreciate. Though, I’m not willing to pay the cost for those either.
  9. Azoth

    When would you not use vintage drums?

    I have zero interest in vintage drums, or any instrument for that matter. No other reason than I get what I need out of todays kits.
  10. Azoth

    Steve Smith Separate Ways

    When I was around 11-12, I would practice this song on the assortment of basketballs, and soccer balls inflated to the appropriate PSI's, arranged on the side of my bed. Didn't sound the same. If I only had YT back then.
  11. Azoth

    Keeping tempos from rushing when SUPER EXCITED

    i had a show recently where I knew right off the bat I counted off too fast. I actually preferred the song at a higher tempo, but after, the singer laughed and said, "I could barely sing the lyrics!" He was a good sport about it, but yeah adrenaline can be a bitch. Many pros use a click. It's...
  12. Azoth

    Shopping in a "Real" Drum Shop

    I’m no spring chicken either but, I always remembered “This ain’t burger king. You can’t always have it your way.” Of course I’m the “leave me alone. I’ll find you when I need you.” type of customer. : )
  13. Azoth

    Shopping in a "Real" Drum Shop

    I used to frequently shop at Gelb when I lived a couple miles from them. Never had an issue with service, other than when they were slammed. They would often say "if you're interested in any of these kits, let me know and I'll have our drum guy set it up." As far as MDS goes, we've only heard...
  14. Azoth

    Shopping in a "Real" Drum Shop

    You're not wrong. Just not all shops hire the best and the brightest as far as customer service goes (insert drummer joke here).
  15. Azoth

    Is country drumming boring?

    Really depends on how you approach your own playing. Playing traditional country takes impeccable timing, touch, knowing how to shuffle, 16ths, staying in pocket, solid use of brushes, etc. Listen to Miles Miller (Sturgil's drummer). Excellent example (IMO) of a disciplined traditional country...
  16. Azoth

    Shopping in a "Real" Drum Shop

    Yeah, MDS has a vibe as a shop you enter when you KNOW what you're looking for (E.g. "HI, I flew here because I want to try 4 weights of your 18" [X] cymbals to decide which one I want to walk out with." or "I can't decide between these 3 snares. Can you grab them for me so I can A/B them...
  17. Azoth

    What is your favorite Paiste ride?

    I'm currently using a Signature Dark Energy I 22". It was perfect until I changed bands and it's a bit dark and too much wash. Starting a search again. The Stewart Copland Blue Bell 22" looks promising...
  18. Azoth

    Desert Island hi hats

    I have one of mine. Paiste 14" Signature Dark Energy Mark I Hi-Hats.
  19. Azoth

    Why do I hate almost every China I play?

    I was just about to start a "Am I the only one who hasn't found a decent china-type?" thread, before finding this. I've just come to realize that I really need to test them behind a kit. Listening to them on Memphis' MyCymbal.com always sound horrible the way they demo them as if they're a ride...