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  1. thejohnlec

    Increase attack without losing low end

    Someone mentioned earlier about stick size. What are you currently using for sticks? Moving up a size may give you the effect you want. I play a variety of styles with wood tip 5B Vaters. I get plenty of attack (very even across the whole kit with the little bit of weight on the stick) and no...
  2. thejohnlec

    Gains after breaks

    Tennis players (and other athletes I’m sure) often do “mental practicing,” where they are imagining their moves over and over in their minds without physically playing the sport. It has proven to be a useful tool in helping to place those physical movements in your muscle memory.
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    Prettiest kit I ever saw

    Beautiful kit - congrats and enjoy!
  4. thejohnlec

    Get it while you can! $1,000 Acrolite

  5. thejohnlec

    Unusual Slingerland snare

    Slingerland made killer brass shells, and yours is in beautiful shape - congrats and enjoy!
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    Stunning instruments!! Also, I’m really fascinated by the copy in old ads such as this one. They don’t write them like that anymore…
  7. thejohnlec

    When life gives you lemons

    Gorgeous - nice bonus with those lugs. Still can’t believe people would toss something like this in the age of the internet marketplace. Congrats and enjoy!
  8. thejohnlec

    Cleaning satin wrap

    O man that’s sweet…
  9. thejohnlec

    Cleaning satin wrap

    Beautiful kit - thanks for the info!
  10. thejohnlec

    Cleaning satin wrap

    G Great info and advice - much appreciated!
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    Cleaning satin wrap

    Stunning!! Thanks for the input.
  12. thejohnlec

    Cleaning satin wrap

    Would not have thought of that. Great info, thanks!
  13. thejohnlec

    Wrap removal question

    I did a 16 x 16 Slingerland floor tom, probably from 1970 or so. Heat gun and wide putty knife did the trick fairly well but there was a lot of residue left behind, so I sanded it down as best as I could before rewrapping it. And yes, the old wrap can cut deep - be careful!
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    Cleaning satin wrap

    Beautiful wrap!
  15. thejohnlec

    “If you think you can use them, just take them.”

    Thanks. Did you scrub the shells with anything, like a really soft clothe or toothbrush, or did you just let the bubbles do their thing and wipe them down?
  16. thejohnlec

    How do you know when to fill...and what fill to play?

    This right here. Drummers are natural band leaders, and fills executed with musicality, sensitivity, and dynamics will broadcast to everyone onstage and in the audience where the song is going next. This is a very big responsibility within the context of a band. We literally dictate everything...
  17. thejohnlec

    Gigging the treasures..

    They are meant to played - no shelf queens in my collection!
  18. thejohnlec

    Cleaning satin wrap

    Hi all, I was fortunate to pick up these Slingerlands in what appears to be a somewhat rare Charcoal Satin Wrap. There are normal scuffs and scratches that are congruent with satin wraps, especially on a kit from the 60s. However, there are no rips or tears and all the seems are super tight, so...
  19. thejohnlec

    Scientists unravel the secrets of swing

    A symphony orchestra will play the same movement very differently with two different conductors. All of the conductors’ past experiences, present situations, emotional reactions to the music, etc. will influence where they think the orchestra should go in time. The variables feed the song’s...
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    “If you think you can use them, just take them.”

    Warning: long post ahead - pack a sandwich. It's good when you know a realtor who also happens to be a drummer. He occasionally texts me pictures of interesting things he finds in peoples' homes that are on the market (usually drums or other music gear). While visiting a house this week, he...