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  1. gryphon

    Inferior Ideas In Comparison

    There are songs where you have to do it right(50 Ways, Come together), but there are a lot of songs where you have to just go for the feel and keep solid time. On a really good day, I'm a half-ass drummer, so there aren't many drum parts I can do "properly". I have noticed that a lot of the...
  2. gryphon

    Questions about using natural skin heads like Kentville

    When I got my first drums, the Kick and the snare had calf heads. Dumb kid I was, the snare head was gone in a week, but I played that kick for 35 years. Put calf back on my "jazz" snare for a couple years back around 2005. Calf works best on rounded bearing edges, and it's really forgiving...
  3. gryphon

    Flat Base Cymbal stands

    I have been using the Ludwig 1400 cymbal stands since the 60's and a couple of them probably have a couple thousand gigs on them. The only weak point on the 1400 is that the top section's chrome gets beat up by the tightening screw. As with most equipment, if you don't abuse them they hold up...
  4. gryphon

    Tell me more about Remo custom orders (7" head)

    Who do I need to contact at Remo to get custom heads? I have a pre-international Premier kick that needs a 21.5" head. I got a couple about 20 years ago through one of their distributors, but my contact isn't there anymore.
  5. gryphon

    RIP Teena Marie

    12 years... Spent the weekend binging on her stuff. God, she could sing! She could rip up the dance tunes and her ballads tear into my heart. Saw her once with Rick grocery shopping back in the 80's when he had a studio at his house in Orchard Park. So sorry I never got to see her live...
  6. gryphon

    Drummers that are NOT gear-centric?

    First, I don't want to be that guy who forces the music to stop because of a problem with my stuff. I have my first kit that I got almost 60 years ago and still play it for louder music. I keep it in the best shape I can, mostly for sentimental reasons, and I still like the way it sounds. It...
  7. gryphon

    Most Important Drum Method Book

    I am mostly self taught because I didn't have money for lessons, I bought Haskell Harr #1 and Jim Chapin's blue book back in the 60's when I was a kid because one of my friends was using those books with his teacher. We went through those books together. Fast forward 35 years and I wanted to...
  8. gryphon

    OT - bands or artists you’ve soured to.

    Saw Journey a couple years ago when some friends opened for them(and stole the show). I was amazed to learn that no one in the band that did the concert had been around(or even born) when the "original" Journey recorded all the tunes they played that night. Yeah, Journey is just a tribute...
  9. gryphon

    Where is the sizzle?

    I have an 18" A. Zildjian from the 50's with 12 rivets in it that make it a nice crash cymbal. It sort of works as a ride with an interesting wash, but it's really hard to play at low volume because of the heavy Bosphorus rivets i put in it. When I got it back in the 60's it had these really...
  10. gryphon

    So what sort of ride am I playing?

    I'm going to say that it's probably early 70's, around the same time as the drums and the hi hat cymbals. Probably just before they started plastering cymbals with painted logos. I figure the school got the cymbal with the drum kit. Maybe somebody with better eyes than me can decode the stamp.
  11. gryphon

    Keller getting out of the drum shell business ?

    Bigger money at Burger King at $17.50...
  12. gryphon

    Gig pay

    I live in a rural upstate NY area. I've done NYE in VFW posts and fire halls for $200. I'm kinda curious what the big city pros think each customer for the night should be paying for the band when none of them toured with a Beatle or Frank Zappa? Should a venue with 200 customers who are...
  13. gryphon

    Sentimental value of gear!

    My dad had a job that kept him on the road a lot so we were never close or spent much time if any together. In 1964 I started taking some drum lessons and got invited to play with some other guys. My dad bought part of a used Premier kit from my teacher. Over the next year I bought the rest...
  14. gryphon

    Drumming in your (age range) Poll

    74, prostate cancer, back pain, arthritis and had a motorcycle accident 4 years ago that totaled the car that hit me. I play an average 1 paying gig and 4-5 rehearsals a month now, and looking to play more. I am with a Jazz group, a yacht rock group, a senior center rock/country/blues band and...
  15. gryphon

    I don’t understand why Buddy Rich is so special. Explain it please?

    Maybe Buddy didn't warm up all the time, but I know I saw him backstage before a concert and he was definitely warming up. He had two of those stackable catering chairs with the vinyl seats that the philharmonic orchestra used. He was sitting on one and wailing through rudiments on the seat of...
  16. gryphon

    I don’t understand why Buddy Rich is so special. Explain it please?

    I haven't read the entire thread so don't know if I'm repeating anything here, but in my opinion, what made Buddy so impressive back in the day was his athletic ability to relentlessly drive 15 horns for three hours at hard bop tempos while still serving the music. I don't think Buddy ever...
  17. gryphon

    Desert Island hi hats

    I have a pair of those and agree. The top looks like hell, has a crack that has been ground out and three holes drilled in it but the darn things sound great. I think all the hacking a previous owner did on them prevents air lock and seems to have made the top respond better at really low...
  18. gryphon

    "Sing, Sing, Sing" on calfskin Radio Kings

    +1 Calf is warmer without the harsh attack or what I hear as the "rubbery" sound of clear heads. The best part is the way they feel under the sticks. You can almost feel the stick sinking into the head. My bass drum had calf heads for nearly 40 years. Summer gigs meant tuning up during...
  19. gryphon

    Fuji HVLP Gravity Feed Turbine Spray System

    If you are painting smaller stuff like drum shells you might consider a small booth to control any overspray that you might get. I built one for about a hundred bucks with some old box fans and it does an amazing job of catching all the overspray, especially when I'm shooting primer.
  20. gryphon

    Paint or wrap

    KZAC's advice is very good. I agree that wrap is the way to go for a kit that is going to do lots of one nighters. Despite what many say, go with carpet tape if you decide to wrap, it will make replacement infinitely easier if it needs to be done. I have a 60 year old kit that has been...