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  1. J

    Metal = Wood equivalents?

    N&C Alloy Classic has a thick shell maple-ish vibe.
  2. J

    New Carolina Drumworks Snare Arrived

    I like the throw-off at 6:00, so my Carolina Drumworks badge is hidden by my right knee! Boo hiss.
  3. J

    Do you use the same head on different drums?

    Once or twice I'll put a used head on a different drum and it will feel odd as I lay it on the edge. I rotate it or jiggle it a bit, to get it to fall more easily in place... I suppose that's proof that a head takes on the shape of a prior drum's edge, but so what? Mylar is moldable, pliable...
  4. J

    DW snare drums

    I forgot-- I tried their spun brass too, which was loud.
  5. J

    DW snare drums

    I loved my DW kit, but had three of their snares that just didn't work for me-- a 10+6, an early DW Craviotto solid maple, and a Collectors Series. All were dull-ish, no matter what I did with tuning, heads, or wires... None had a distinctive enough sound. I kept the kit, but have been on a...
  6. J

    What's Your Latest Drum Purchase?

    Noble and Cooley 14x6 Classic Alloy, that I'm not sure I like...
  7. J

    End of cymbal journey?

    My wife has been patient for 23 years of cymbal hell with me. I have been happy with what I'm playing for the last year or so-- a record. So maybe the journey is, happily, over.
  8. J

    Natural or Brilliant finish cymbals...

    All my Bosphorus and IstanbulAgop are "natural"-- dark finishes for several. I had a 1920's Turkish K that was almost that dark. Used Sabian HHX etc for a while that were dull/natural, but not dark. Used one Bosphorus Gold for a while that was very brilliant. They all had sounds that seemed...
  9. J

    How reliable are cymbal sound files/ video files?

    And that's with a decent set of speakers.
  10. J

    How reliable are cymbal sound files/ video files?

    I've bought my last 6-7 cymbals after loving the sound file. Maybe half of them turned out to sound like the file, more or less, when played in person. The others weren't necessarily bad, just significantly different than expected. I use the files for a ballpark estimate of things like decay...
  11. J

    Do you use the same head on different drums?

    I've moved heads from drum to drum without problems.
  12. J

    Pearl what is up with them lately ?

    My Music City single-ply snare is amazing. They are doing something right, over there in Nashville.
  13. J

    What to Look For When Buying Used

    I've had great experiences buying used fromshops, where I can inspect as thoroughly as gryphon recommends... But mixed experiences on-line. It's tricky with affordable stuff. Expensive, big-name drums and cymbals tend to work out well enough, but more affordable items, I'd want to be able to...
  14. J

    Jim Gordon has passed away

    He was the first "feel" drummer I ever paid attention to for that, his feel for the beat and the song. On that Derek and the Dominoes album, as a 15 year old kid drummer, I was amazed at how relaxed and smooth, but right on top of the beat he sounded. RIP.
  15. J

    What are your workshorses?

    Gibraltar Round Top throne...
  16. J

    Snare Drum Ringing and Heads

    Yes-- The best heads out there for subtle reduction of just a bit of the ring.
  17. J

    Pearl Music City Custom solid shell snares who makes the shells ?

    My N&C and Pearl Music City do not detune significantly, in the wildly fluctuating weather we have here in Ithaca, NY.
  18. J


    35 years ago in grad school at Cornell playing in a just-for-fun band of Chemistry Ph.D. candidates, who just needed a musical break from the research (one of the band was a brilliant bassist), I had a Sonor teardrop kit with some kind of purple swirled wrap and a Slingerland COB snare that was...
  19. J

    Flat rides - Who's got 'em, loves 'em or hates 'em

    I also have a Bosphorus Master Vintage Ride 21" 1903g that's not "flat" but has a tiny bell and minimal bow, that sounds quite a bit like a flat ride. Those small bell rides can often be as distinctive-- clear, articulate, and mellow wash-- as a flat.
  20. J

    Flat rides - Who's got 'em, loves 'em or hates 'em

    Yes-- I have a 19" Bosphorus Master Flat Ride that weighs 1440g... with a rich tonal wash and a lot of wobble for a 19; they could have labelled it a crash!