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    Looking for die cast hoops!

    Hi all, Anyone one looking to part with PAIRS of die cast hoops in 10-12-14-16? Chrome finish only. Pearl Mastercast or Yamaha aluminum preferred. Thanks
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    Remo Classic Fit or Aquarian American Vintage

    American vintage from Aquarian fit my Gretsch’s perfectly.
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    What are your workshorses?

    Yamaha MCA kit…always
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    Delete- Gretsch 18-12-14

    Hi all, Trying to get a sense of current value for my Gretsch USA Bop kit. I bought them in 1996 from the widow of a well-to-do hobbyist player who said they never left their living room. He passed and she was unsure when he purchased them (had a ton of gear) but they’re from the mid 80’s...
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    Buyer beware note - 6.5 Acrolite on Reverb

    What a bummer…sorry that happened.
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    Flat rides - Who's got 'em, loves 'em or hates 'em

    I’ve owned Zildjian, Bosphorus & Agop. Agop Sig 22” is my fav…the darkest and most well-balanced tonally.
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    Kit recommendations for pop/rock, big band, musical theatre

    Add a 14x20 to your Canopus setup or 12-14-20 would be my suggestions. Super versatile…
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    90s Gretsch Broadkaster, bop sizes

    …as in USA Custom with the broadkaster gun metal finish only?
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    5 records every drummer should know by heart

    The five I wore out were: 1. AC/DC - Back in Black 2. Sting - Ten Summoners Tales 3. Bill Withers - Still Bill 4. Ahmad Jamal Trio - Live at the Pershing & Spotlight Club 5. Bill Evans Trio - Explorations
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    Repairing cymbal cracks?

    The wider the angle, the better…in my experience. Dremels work great for cutting and smoothing the area.
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    Delete: WTB: Gretsch Brooklyn Grey Oyster

    Anyone selling…bop sizes and/or 16x16 and/or14x20? Grey Oyster Brooklyn only…thanks.
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    Can't decide on a drum kit..

    What sizes and kind of music do you enjoy playing?
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    What’s your favorite bronze snare?

    Currently own a Gretsch USA Bronze 5x14. Love it. Darker than the brass and not quite as dry as aluminum. The Die-Cast really focus the overtones. Owned a Mapex Phosphor Bronze back in the day that was incredible as well for the same reasons. It was 1/2” deeper and had triple flanged hoops. I...
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    Professional Painting Recommendation?

    Can anyone recommend a member/company who professionally matches lacquer drum finishes? I’m in the Northeast part of US. Thanks all.
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    Cymbal Storage

    I use a guitar stand and have it next to my kit…works great!!! Keeps them off the ground and fits as small as 13” hats.
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    Official Gretsch Drums Thread

    Gretsch USA 12-14-18 in MBP Circa 1980’s
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    Stop Calling Crappy Gigs "Paid Rehearsals"

    The mindset that goes along with “cg/pr” bothers me more than the phrases themselves. With the shortage of opportunities to reach folks via live music, I wish those who weren’t planning on trying to really make music, regardless of the skill level of members in the band they are playing with...
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    I saw the Rite of Spring last night

    One of the greatest pieces in the history of music!
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    Yamaha RC Quartz Gray 12x8 Tom

    Anyone have a line on this clearly hard to find size/finish? Thanks
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    Who loves Aquarian Drum Heads?

    When I lived out in Los Angeles years ago, I spoke to them about this and they actually made me AV size heads with TC film. It was a game changer for me. They can be special ordered this way through dealers.