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    All time favorite drummer and why- you can only pick one!!

    Stewart Copeland — I love his signature sound. His snare tone is instantly recognizable, as is his hi hat technique. He places accents in unexpected places that propel even the simplest groove into explosive yet musical compositions. Seems like no matter how well I think I know The Police, I...
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    The early 90's drum sizes, aka "Weckl"

    Seems like it would be harder to find 15” heads, especially if you want to buy a pre-pack. In the early 2000’s I had a Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute in Cherry Wood. Looked like Dave Weckl’s kit on the cover of his Master Plan solo album. 10/12/14/16/22 and matching 14 snare. My first two kits...
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    Which combination of measurements for rack toms is best? 12 '' and 13 '' or 12 '' and 14 ''?

    Have you thought about getting a 10” as Tom 1 and moving the 12” to Tom 2, as the kit came originally? I had a 90’s Tama Rockstar DX (12/13/16/22 &14 snare) and was never happy with the included 13” as a Tom 2. Added on a 10” and made it a 6 piece, but didn’t like the narrow tuning range...
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    When You Brought Your First Drum Kit Home, What Was the First Record (song) You Played Along To?

    Christmas 1987, 9th grade…I am guessing a cassette tape recording of “La Bamba” (the Los Lobos version from the movie soundtrack) or a cassette tape recording of “Surfin’ Safari,” “Tequila,” or “Louie, Louie.” Hard to believe that back then in the 80’s, “oldies” music from the 50’s and 60’s was...
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    Gretsch New Classic 5 pc kit

    Nice kit. I like the mounting system on the New Classics.
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    DW Collector’s Copper snare 6.5x14, DROPPED TO $450

    Good luck with the sale, beautiful snare!
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    Weird Sabian ride ID help

    Interesting cymbal! How would you describe the sound?
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    Yamaha Live Custom Oak Bass

    Beautiful finish on that bass drum! Good luck!
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    DW Convo Again!

    Th That’s pretty!
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    Considering a second shell pack. Suggestions?

    Got it. Totally agree! I was wondering at first if your band was going for a specific color scheme or something. I like orange — always on the lookout for basses in Fender’s “Sunset Orange Transparent” finish.
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    My New Fender Jazz Bass

    Congratulations! I have two Precisions and would love to get a Jazz. That Dark Knight finish is beautiful!
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    Little help with kit transition please - recommendations

    I’m impressed with the tone of my little Ludwig Epic birch/maple jazz kit. 18 kick, 12 and 14 toms, 13 snare, and I added a 10 tom that I found on Reverb. Sounds huge at my church, and we just use an Audix D6 on the kick and an Audio-Technica AT2020 overhead side address condenser above the...
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    Would you buy used from Guitar Center?

    I have bought used drums, basses, guitars, and mixers from Guitar Center. I got great deals and never had a problem with them. These were in-store purchases, not online orders.
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    How I learned to love 18" crashes

    My first 18” crash was a Sabian AA Medium. Too gongy—I much preferred my first 16” crash, a Sabian AA Thin. I then exclusively used 16” crashes and 10” splashes. I stayed away from 18” crashes until fairly recently. Now I much prefer my 18’s: Zildjian A Thin and Sabian Evolution. I also...
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    A lighter kit (with a bass drum smaller than 14 x 18) at what musical cost? (What do you lose?)

    I used to have an Al Foster Yamaha HipGig with an 18 diameter x 20 deep bass drum. The rest of the drums nested inside the kick. Cool concept, but it was heavy, and I never really loved the tone. I think the shells were made of birch and something else, like basswood, Philippine mahogany, or...
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    WOW! A REAL Music store in 2021... MILANO MUSIC in MESA AZ

    That is great to hear. Hope the store is doing well. Thanks for sharing!
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    1970s Ludwig Combo

    Never heard of plastic lugs! Wow! Was that a common thing? Does any manufacturer still utilize them on new drums?
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    Ride Cymbal for big band.

    Used to have a Swabian 22” Jack DeJohnette ride…unlathed, dry, strong bell. Great tone. In college jazz band, I used a Sabian 20” AA medium ride. Currently I play a Sabian 20” HHX Evolution ride (excellent crashability) and HHX 22” Stage Ride (dry, powerful, dark). All great rides for any...