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    Help with Lugs for my Great Grandfather's 1957 Rogers Holiday Snare

    Are you playing both of those snare and having no issues with lugs cracking under pressure?
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    Help with Lugs for my Great Grandfather's 1957 Rogers Holiday Snare

    Any pictures of them?
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    Help with Lugs for my Great Grandfather's 1957 Rogers Holiday Snare

    I have one of the first Dynasonic snares made with the bread and butter lugs. The only reason none of the lugs are not broken - I will not play the drum! It unfortunately is what I call a “museum” drum. My answer came true when they re-released this drum in 2018. I have a Radio King snare from...
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    How to play the Moeller single stroke roll?

    So if I was to play a continuous single stroke roll - I would play the three right handed strokes in one hand followed by the three left handed strokes in the other hand and so forth. Thus RRRLLLRRRLLL - creating the single stroke roll. Somehow I was lead to believe the right and left hand...
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    Drum Confessions Thread

    I still have the original resonant heads on my 1993 DW pre-collectors series toms.
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    How well do you read (or are expected to read)?

    I played in a church band for over 20 year where they provided charts every week for the songs we were playing. None of these charts were drum charts. Most of the time, I would pick up the charts a day before practice, which was Weds night before the weekend services. I would find the songs...
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    Mapex Pro Snare - SOLD

    1995-96 Mapex Pro Snare 5.5 X 13 Heavy steel shell Heavy 2.3 hoops - right after this model came out Mapex started to put Powerhoop stickers on the rims. New Remo sound control batter head New Remo hazy resonance head This drum is a 9 out of 10. The snares are missing one of the original wires...
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    Help date this Mapex snare!

    I just bought this 5.5x13 snare at my local pawn shop. I have never owned anything made by Mapex before. I did some research from older Mapex catalogs and cannot seem to find any of their snares that have these lugs. It appears that they went to this badge design around 1994-95. The shell is...
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    Help my friend spend $600 (or so)

    I found this set at a yard sale for $150. Tama Superstar from the 1980’s Tama Mastercraft snare All Tama Hardware 21” Zildjian rock ride 14” Zildjian quick beat hi hats 18” Paiste crash Cases for all the drum Spent $140 on new heads It can be done for $600 or less. Before and after picture
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    Help my friend spend $600 (or so)

    My local pawn shop has a 5 piece PDP FS (all birch) kit for $100. He also has a bunch of stands for $20 each. I bought a PDP LX (maple) shell pack kit for $100. I was shocked how well that kit sounded vs my DW Collectors series. Deals can be found if you look!
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    How to play the Moeller single stroke roll?

    I have played drums for 40 years now and I never learned the Moeller technique- until now hopefully! I watched the Jim Chapin video and was amazed at his stick speed in each hand by getting three strokes with one downward movement.My question, which I could not get out of that video is how do...
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    When life gives you lemons

    Love dumpster diving!
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    1980’s - the decade of the heavy snare!

    My Mastercraft when I found it in a barn with a Tama Superstar set needed the snares to be replaced. The Pearl extended snares worked perfectly on the Tama drum. A before and after of my barn set!
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    1980’s - the decade of the heavy snare!

    I just found this 1984 Pearl snare at a pawn shop yesterday. At first glance I thought I found a Pearl Jupiter since the drum was so dirty. Once I looked at the badge, I knew it was not a Jupiter. When I picked the drum up, I thought, is this made out of lead. It was really heavy. For $90 I...
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    Don’t know what you might find!

    Yes it is!
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    Don’t know what you might find!

    I hunt for drums at estate sales all the time. In the last year I found two amazing sets, 1940 Slingerland Radio Kings with 2 Radio King Snares and a 1975 3-ply Ludwig set that had a custom order 10 lug Jazz Festival snare. Yesterday I went to an estate sale that was advertising vinyl records...
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    I might have to put my list of Snares to buy on hold.... The prices are crazy!!!!

    I have 13 snares now. I have only paid for 3 of the snares, the rest I got for free including Rogers wood Dynasonic, Ludwig Supra, 2 Slingerland Radio Kings, Ludwig Jazz Festival, Tama Mastercraft, etc. How do I get these drums for free? I buy complete sets with these snares were part of the...
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    Hi hat bottoms..we don't talk much about them

    I just found a 14” A Zildjian heavy bottom at an estate sale for $20. It weigh in at 1358 grams. I have used it underneath with another 14” New Beat top (926 grams) and a 14” Paiste 2002 top (971 grams). It sound good with both tops. Definitely louder than both standard bottoms that weigh in...