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  1. egw

    Mel Lewis Swish Knocker weight?

  2. egw

    Bitten by the vinyl bug

    There was a time in my life when I had a sizeable collection. Vinyl's all fine and well until you have to move. No more, thanks.
  3. egw

    K Istanbul characteristics

    Oh, he's incorrigible.
  4. egw

    K Istanbul characteristics

    What happened to Joe?
  5. egw

    SOLD)) Vintage K Zildjian Istanbul 14" hi-hat cymbals

    Chad?! No way!
  6. egw

    SOLD)) Vintage K Zildjian Istanbul 14" hi-hat cymbals

    I'd be interested to hear a soundfile on these. TIA. Who were you on CH?
  7. egw

    Holy Grail cymbals

    A few of my old K's I would call grails. I've got some dogs too but that's part of the fun.
  8. egw

    Did somebody here get my Ludwigs?

    I'm not sure exactly what happened with the name change. I don't think Steve sold the business per se, because both he and Jess at the NY shop helped me through the whole process. The NY shop is still called Steve Maxwell, but consignments seem to go through "Good Hands". Probably a tax thing...
  9. egw

    Has anyone here ever had to buy replacement parts from Yamaha?

    which lugs specifically are you talking about?
  10. egw

    Did somebody here get my Ludwigs?

    I really wish I could have kept them, but unfortunately it just wasn't feasible, space-wise. With those sizes, if you could just locate a matching 14" FT, you could do pretty much anything.
  11. egw

    Did somebody here get my Ludwigs?

    No, they weren't. I may have mentioned the kit a few times over the years though.
  12. egw

    Did somebody here get my Ludwigs?

    Around there. Ask them if you want to know exactly. They were great people to work with, so I don't wanna gossip. I highly recommend them if you've got something to sell.
  13. egw

    Stuff (Parker, Gadd)

    I was referring to the first record, called simply "Stuff". Shoulda been more specific, sorry.
  14. egw

    Did somebody here get my Ludwigs?

    I just sold my Ludwig champagne sparkle kit through Maxwell's, via Reverb. Just wondering if they went to somebody here .
  15. egw

    Stuff (Parker, Gadd)

    What a great record! What I wouldn't give to go back and see that band live. Even just as a fly on the wall. Does anybody know who played what on which tracks? All the liner notes say (and all I can find on the web) is that both Steve Gadd and Chris Parker played on the record, but no...
  16. egw

    Is Jazz drumming snobby?

    No chicken wire.
  17. egw

    Hi hat bottoms..we don't talk much about them

    I just got a set of very early New Beats with the straight ink stamp. 818/1356. Well, at least the bottom cymbal is a NB; nothing on the top cymbal as far as I can tell. Looking forward to trying them soon. I also recently picked up a '79 Paiste Sound Creation 14" orphan bottom at 1316g that...
  18. egw

    “Basic Snar Drum” for sale

    Looks like an 18", and a quality model. Certainly worth $25, listing errors and all.
  19. egw

    Feathering The Bass Drum

    Instead of getting a whole new beater (or pedal), one thing you can do is get some slip-on puff covers that they sell for marching bass drum beaters. Last time I bought them, they were sold by Promark, though that was probably 15 years ago, so it might be different now. I always keep one in the...
  20. egw

    SOLD K. Zildjian Istanbul 14" New Stamp Hi Hats 834/868g - $725 Shipped

    I was very interested in these, pending a video or sound file, but have since picked up a set of vintage hats elsewhere.