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  1. Furious Styles

    PEARL 5.5x13 Sensitone - Snare Drum - Brass

    Killer snare drum, something about the 8 lug, 13" combo. I have both the brass and steel versions. Near and dear to my heart.
  2. Furious Styles

    Rick Allen attacked in Florida

    The local ESPN radio affiliate in Chicago does a segment called "Florida or Ohio?" where a news blotter story is read and you have to guess which one.
  3. Furious Styles

    i have to post 50 times so i can list my drums for sale

    I can sell you some of my posts if you'd like.
  4. Furious Styles

    OT Why Do We Stop Exploring New Music as We Get Older?

    Rush was the gateway drug for me exploring new music. I don't really listen to much prog, I don't even spent all that much time listening to Rush anymore, but the musical wanderlust they inspired is (hopefully) everlasting.
  5. Furious Styles

    Amazon deals thread

    I think medium thin is the ideal weight for the 15". Mine is more on the thin and wimpy side.
  6. Furious Styles

    Snare Drum Ringing and Heads

    I swear by the Aquarian Hi Velocity head. I've put it on two drums recently, a Pearl MMX maple and a 13" brass Sensitone. Sweet tone, just a slight ring. Liked it much better than the Studio X.
  7. Furious Styles

    Amazon deals thread

    Exactly. I would be charging $215 + the tax and shipping cost and be responsible if there is an "issue." Then what? I'm stuck with it. Why even bother? Hard pass.
  8. Furious Styles

    Amazon deals thread

    I haven't really seen that as a matter of practice in this thread before returning an item to Amazon. Has that been the case?
  9. Furious Styles

    Amazon deals thread

    Also, I wanted a 20" Samba ride to compliment the 18" Samba crash I already had. Received the ride and it was an earlier version, didn't have the stamp at 3 o'clock like current offerings, but had an *awesome* sound. The unlathed part was darker than your typical Samba. Anyway, I think it's the...
  10. Furious Styles

    Amazon deals thread

    Received the 16" inch Bosphorus Turk hats today (paid $215). These things are huge! I already have 14" Antique dark and Traditional crisp and I can't see a use for the Turks anytime soon, so back they go. Cool vibe though. Solid packaging this time.
  11. Furious Styles

    What's your favorite snare and why?

    Pearl Sensitone. I have the 13" models in brass and steel, but I think just about any version would work. I put Fat Tone hoops on the brass one and it's aces.
  12. Furious Styles

    Open hand questions

    The sense of entitlement outta this guy. Sheesh.
  13. Furious Styles

    Open hand questions

    Context matters.
  14. Furious Styles

    Open hand questions

    No, he asked rhetorically "was it the right move? Maybe I'd be be a better drummer. I'll never know."
  15. Furious Styles

    so I let my 6-year-old pick her own cymbal.. here is what happened

    Thanks for sharing. Such joy all around. That made my morning.
  16. Furious Styles

    Open hand questions

    it's not about being integral to a style, more like never having to compromise with what comes naturally.
  17. Furious Styles

    Open hand questions

    You're assuming he would develop into exactly what he is, same goes for someone like Jimi Hendrix. It's pure speculation.
  18. Furious Styles

    Open hand questions

    I respect your experience as an instructor, but you don't know this to be true. It's merely an unsubstantiated claim at best.
  19. Furious Styles

    Joe Perry Project tour w/ Jason Sutter on drums

    Mini-tour with a couple of stops in the Chicago area. Was 1/2 paying attention to the article until I saw Jason's name and I'm only familiar with his brush work. Saw the JPP open for Rush at Alpine Valley WI on the Moving Pictures tour...