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  1. ekim

    Paiste 602 20" pre-serial medium rides

    PM me for a video
  2. ekim

    Paiste 602 20" pre-serial medium rides

    Both around 2350. No fleabites ,keyholes. Both in excellent shape and very nice sounding ,versatile cymbals . $250 each OBO
  3. ekim


    Still available ?
  4. ekim

    wtb: 14" Paiste Rude hi-hats

    I have a pair of 2002 14" mediums I'd trade or cash?
  5. ekim

    This is what peak performance sounds like on drums

    Your welcome. If you like the early stones ,Byrds, Beatles you should check out Greatest Grooves LP. They went through two different singers that had different vibes. Not a real drum based band but drummer was really solid.
  6. ekim

    1 Ride, 1 Crash, 1 pair of hihats - what's your choice?

    14" Paiste 2002 medium hats 18" Paiste 602 medium 20" Paiste 602 medium ride
  7. ekim

    Paiste B8 hats B20 cymbals mix

    All my faves play 2002 hats 602 cymbals. Thank you for this!
  8. ekim

    Paiste B8 hats B20 cymbals mix

    Yeah, never mixed hats top/bottom. I just meant B8 hats with B20 cymbals. Anything works though. List of hats I've owned: Zildjian new beats. 90's Blah Zildjian Light hats. Horrible Istanbul Mehmet ...Horrible Paiste 2002 medium. Great for a few years . Why did I ever sell them? Amedia...
  9. ekim

    Paiste B8 hats B20 cymbals mix

    Comparing my 2002 mediums to my vintage new beats ,they are both bright but one is very light and responsive and one is very heavy and slow to respond. Kind of makes sense why Paiste brought in B8 to keep up with the volume of amps in 1967 as opposed to Zildjian who just went heavier and...
  10. ekim

    Paiste B8 hats B20 cymbals mix

    mixing in a set of 2002 14" medium hats with my 602 20" medium ride and 18" 602 medium. Love how bright and quick they are compared to my new beats. Anyone else use the B8 hat/ B20 combo? I'm a medium-type guy!
  11. ekim

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    14" Paiste 2002 medium hi-hats. Used them years ago and just reunited with them. Light and bright ,cuts through the mix!
  12. ekim

    paiste 14" medium 2002 hats

    black or red. Trade for light set of light 60's A's or around $200
  13. ekim

    zildjian 14" bottom hat 60's

  14. ekim

    zildjian 14" bottom hat 60's

    No Problem!
  15. ekim

    zildjian 14" bottom hat 60's

  16. ekim

    zildjian 14" bottom hat 60's

    Looking for around 990 grams or so. Might be interested in a 70's top around the same weight.
  17. ekim

    14" zildjian mastersound A custom hi-hats

    no cracks or keyhole. Logo's a bit faded from cleaning. $150 free shipping lower 48
  18. ekim

    Premier floor tom 16" any color

    1968-1976 with the cast hoops.
  19. ekim

    Premier 2000 snare - what a sound!

    Love mine. Very different from an acro or supra. Cannot crank the bottom head like an acrolite, or it chokes the drum. Also, prefer lower tunings with ambassador head. Acro, the opposite ,cranked with an emperor. The 2000 is Very good in the studio!