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  1. joeb

    Best Cover Band of all time?

    The Blues Brothers....the band, not the Brothers.
  2. joeb

    Cocktail Set Questions

    I've done it for a couple of hours and not suffered deleterious effects. Pedal placement is the key. This set-up works well. Hey, if guitar players can stand up all night, I sure as heck can!
  3. joeb

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Last week in Parker, CO, performing with a BB tribute band I joined a couple of months ago. I'm playing a four piece natural maple Legacy kit I acquired from forum member Lossforgain.
  4. joeb

    OFF TOPIC:..........PineWood Derby Time

    My son's pack used to give out an award entitled, "Car most likely to have been built by a Cub Scout."
  5. joeb

    Vistalite guys - 20 & 22 concert toms?????

    The 1971 Ludwig catalog lists marching "Bass Timp Toms" in diameters up to 28". In 1972, my first year of drum corps, I carried double basses which consisted of 2 scotch basses turned horizontally with the bottom heads/rims removed. The next year I carried a 29" marching timpani, complete with...
  6. joeb

    Let me see your Bronze Supras

    Here is my 6.5 x 14 bronze snare plus 3 x13 hammered bronze. Both from the mid-to-late '90s.
  7. joeb

    Gigging Essentials

    A tarp for outdoor gigs.
  8. joeb

    Too bad for you young guys...

    Class of '76, Littleton, Colorado. I went to a brand new high school that was designed with an outdoor smoking area. You could buy "3.2" beer at 18. I spent many a weekend at the local drive-in with a sixer of Mickey's Big Mouths or at a 3.2 disco club drinking buck-a-pitcher Coors. If you...
  9. joeb

    Music Related: Recommended Netflix viewing

    It's a drama, but try "All Night Long" on instant play. It stars Patrick McGoohan as a sleazy, conniving drummer (hard to believe, I know) who tries to woo his band leader's wife away to join his own band. It takes place at an all night jam session and includes cameos from guys like Charles...
  10. joeb

    My favorite colors are green & blue, but...

    This set, or one just like it, is for sale at a drum shop in Denver. It's hard to imagine that they would have made more then one of them. Sonor Beech