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  1. Nubs

    Bosphorus SOLD! 16” Traditional Series Medium Thin Crash

    That's a nice one! The larger stamp would go with my hats.
  2. Nubs

    The wrong way to mount cymbals..........

    Where did you get these?
  3. Nubs

    Bird's Eye views

    From the most recent gig at a brewery:
  4. Nubs

    OT - A little something for my OCD friends

    As a lefty, I hope you're not pointing out what I think you're pointing out.
  5. Nubs

    14" Bosphorus New Orleans Hats

    Been in the trade section for a bit, so I'll move them here... These are awesome hats, I just don't play them enough. 14" in mint condition. $250 + shipping:
  6. Nubs

    NOW $1500 - Mid 70s Ludwig Hollywood 3 Ply Silver Sparkle- Excellent shape

    Argghhhh so tempting! I'm down the road!!
  7. Nubs

    SOLD - Bosphorus 14” Groove Hats

    OK I was wondering if there was a difference. I'm going to use mine at this weekend's gig along with the wide ride and a 20" groove crash I just got.
  8. Nubs

    **SOLD** 1969 Ludwig Hollywood Drum Set, Silver Sparkle, Local Pickup, $1500

    Dammit!! Another one for sale!
  9. Nubs

    60s Ludwig Champagne 14x20, 16x16, 9x13, 8x12

    Man, if that bass drum was 22", I would have this kit. I love champagne sparkle! GLWTS!
  10. Nubs

    Snare Drum Ringing and Heads

    I'm about to throw this thing out the window!! So I changed snare side head (Ambassador snare side) and put the original Ludwig snare wires back on (I had puresound 30 strands on before). The overtone ring on this thing is unbearable! It can get somewhat manageable if I dial in the right...
  11. Nubs

    Tama Superstar Classic

    In my search for a new shell pack, I came across this line from Tama. I haven't played Tamas since the 90s, but reading and watching reviews, it looks like this kit is quite the nice one. I was originally looking for Ludwigs, but the Tama seems to offer so much more with hardware...
  12. Nubs

    Snare Drum Ringing and Heads

    Thanks all for the suggestions! A lot of good advice here! Maybe I'm being too critical of the ring, or perhaps it's just not tuned in yet. I'm going to loosen up the snare side a bit and see what that does. I tried one of those big fat snare drum covers...wow. It definitely fattens up the...
  13. Nubs

    Snare Drum Ringing and Heads

    Hey all, so I picked up this Ludwig Universal Cherry snare at the drum show and it's quickly becoming my #1. It's an amazing sound & feel and I'm loving it so far! But the one problem I'm noticing with it...I just cannot get it to stop ringing without putting an Evans eRing on it. The goal is to...
  14. Nubs

    1965 gold sparkle ludwig drum kit, 13/16/22

    Man this is super tempting. I'm local, so pickup is no problem, and I'm in the market for a Ludwig shell pack. Gold sparkle is really nice!
  15. Nubs

    Video review of Summit Honey Locust snare

    I picked up this beautiful snare drum last weekend at the Delaware drum show where I got to meet a bunch of great forum members and got to talk with Gary from Summit about all of his excellent custom snares.
  16. Nubs

    Zildjian and Bosphorus cymbals clean out

    That splash is interesting...
  17. Nubs

    SOLD! Bosphorus 20” Curvy Crash $200 Shipped

    DM sent
  18. Nubs

    Ludwig announcing a new finish

    I kind of already have it...
  19. Nubs

    Orange club custom drums for trade

    I do like orange!